Wednesday, June 18, 2014

That Skirt

Ok, so I had plans of doing some kind of movie/life lately or something other than an outfit post, but I have so many fun things from months ago that I wanted to share with you all,'re getting another outfit post. I promise I'll try to be better about throwing in a little something different every once in a while. 

I thought June was going to be a nice slow paced month, sadly I was mistaken. It's been lots of traveling (and more to come) and busy-ness so far. I'm hoping *fingers crossed* July will be more kind. Any way, here is an outfit I wore (probably in April....gah). I wanted to share this one with you because this barkcloth skirt is to die for. I mean, when I saw it, I was weak in the knees from the wonder of it all. 


The skirt is from one of my new favorite shops here in Nashville. Main Attraction East. They sell a large number of new items, but the vintage they have is fabulous. Case in point: this skirt.


skirt main attraction east
blouse thrifted
shoes remix
30's/40's scottie dog pin gift



  1. That is seriously one of the most incredible skirts I've ever seen- my mouth dropped open! It's so interesting to see a such a bold novelty print on that fun shade of orange! And I especially like it paired with that sort of chartreuse-y, avocado green blouse! Lovely! :-)

  2. SO amazing! That skirt is really something else!! And I don't mind that you have been doing mainly outfit posts as of late, since I like those best :)


  3. I agree with the comment above. Your skirt is fabulous. You just don't get that kind of vintage here often (or ever). What a score!

  4. That really and truly is one show-stoppingly stunning vintage skirt!!! I love not only the whimsical pattern, but the beautiful, warm colour palette which suits spring and summer so very well. Awesome find, dear Emma!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Wow! That's amazing! And you styled it so perfectly! :)

  6. Oh, your scottie dog pin (I have a weakness for the breed, though I've not owned one)! Your skirt is, of course, so fun and beautiful too-- the cacti and that coral color are my favorite details. I love the way you've styled it with the two shades of green, adorable as always. :)

  7. This skirt is perfect. You look fantastic! And the scottie pin is such a nice touch.


  8. The whole outfit is right up my alley! Love it hun! Works for summertime too esp the colors. Here's hope July will be more relaxing for you. I hear you about being busy-kids finishing school and all that jazz-nutso in the vintage nerd house lately hehe xox

  9. Fabulous skirt, and the color of the top is perfect.

  10. The skirt is fabulous, and the color of the top is perfect!

  11. This outfit is devine! Such a beautiful skirt!

  12. OMG this skirt is amazing, to die for !
    Mixed with this perfect blouse, and this cute wooden brooch, your look is just PERFECT !
    I so so love these sweet summer colors...

  13. This is seriously theeeeeeee most amazing skirt, and you look beautiful in it! :)

  14. OK this skirt is AMAZING!

    Maria xxx

  15. That is definitely a "go weak in the knees" worthy skirt! I love the swirly-ness and the fabulous pattern! Your haircut is adorable, and soo flattering on you.

  16. What a great shirt, the print is really amazing! And a beautiful outfit, I love your shoes!

  17. Lovely outfit, but I am positively salivating over those shoes.

  18. this is the best skirt i have seen for a while. what a wonderful piece! you really did a great job on mixing it with these fresh colours. absolutely perfect!!!!

  19. Everything about this outfit is just fabulous! The skirt IS great; what an unusual, diverse print!

  20. I love this outfit--the colors are fab on you! I actually have a dress and matching bolero jacket made out of the same exact fabric as your skirt--it's a favorite of mine that I found several years ago on eBay. So cool to see another piece made of the same print :-)

  21. That skirt is indeed fabulous to the max!!!

  22. "That" skirt is a story on it's own. Combined with a lovely mustard-colored shirt it's divine.


  23. Linda como sempre, a saia é maravilhosa.
    Beijos <3


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