Monday, July 14, 2014


This is an outfit from a while ago, but these capris from Vivian of Holloway have been a summer staple for me and I just had to share them.


I have the capris rolled up slightly here, so they are a bit longer when left down. They have really worked with so many outfits this summer. I hope they'll have them next year, because I definitely want a few more colors.


blouse vivian of holloway
capris vivian of holloway
shoes miss l fire
bangles various antique stores

I hope you all are having a fabulous summer (or winter depending on where you live)!



  1. I love the pocket detailing! Really cute. I have the Lola's in orange and adore them, but don't get much chance to wear them chasing around a 14 month old. Hope you all haven't had quite the miserable weather we've been having in KY this week!

  2. This outfit is adorable (I really love that blouse) but these photos are even more amazing! I hope you don't mind me saying but you are absolutely stunning! The head-shots are movie star beautiful, the camera loves you <3

  3. Eeeepp super cute!! I've wanted some good capris - must check them out! You're such a babe!!

  4. Fabulously cute capris!!! Like most pants, these babies are a tricky piece for my body type, but I have found that some denim and other sturdier weight fabrics, especially in dark hues, can be pulled off with relative success. Thankfully!!! They're too fun and versatile a summer staple for anyone to not own, and feel confident in, at least one pair of.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. You look wonderful!
    I have never worn a capri, well, not since my teenage years anyway, maybe I should change that though...
    I'm mostly a skirts/dress kind of girl.
    I LOVE the blouse!
    Big hug!
    (aka OldeSarah)

  6. Beautiful!! I love your outfit and your hair <3

  7. Everything about this outfit is amazing! The capris, the top, your hair, your shoes, and your makeup... so very naturally glamorous!

  8. I don't own any jeans at the moment and have not really considered capris - but I am tempted as yours look great. I plan to buy some vintage style jeans for the winter

  9. Such a perfect summer outfit!

  10. thumbs up for capris! great oufit!

  11. Love the harmony in this look!

  12. you have the tiniest waist! the new hair cut looks so cute with the outfit. the whole thing is great. i esp. love the shoes :)

  13. I love this outfit, that shirt is GORGEOUS!

    Maria xxx

  14. This outfit is such an inspiration, right down to your fabulous shoes. Incredible!

  15. superb! Really nice post sis, excited to see more xx Peach


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