Monday, February 28, 2011

10 Thing I Love Monday // Etsy Edition

The weekend I was so looking forward to, was good, however, I got sick on Friday. I'm in fact, still sick, so sorry for the lack of blog posts the past few days. It's been a bit rough driving from Jackson to Nashville and back, and being ill to boot. I also had two tests today I had to study for when I got back. Altogether, not quite the weekend I had planned.

On a happier note, I have been looking through lots of fun things on Etsy as of late. These are some of the things I found that I just adore!

 1. I love owls! This one here.

2. I'm really wanting to build my jewelry collection. This would be a great addition.

 3. I think these notebooks are adorable.

4. I want to start a journal, so I could use these.

 5. I want this vintage book of french fairy tales! So lovely. Too bad I don't read french.

 6. I love these! I think I'm going to purchase one soon.

 7. I really wanted this vintage necklace, you could even put notes in it. However, it's sold :(

8. These lovely boots. They are men's...but, maybe for a boyfriend?

 9. I considered this dress for my wedding, but as soon as I e-mailed the seller it was gone. Things on etsy sell so quickly.

10. This, ohhhh so lovely, necklace!


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