Monday, March 3, 2014

Plaid and Purple

It's the third day of March and I'm off for a snow (read: ice) day. I won't complain because I was feeling in great need of a recharging day, but I'm saddened that it doesn't feel like spring. Spring is something I'm looking forward to immensely. 
Here's the first proper outfit post with my new hair (taken a week or so ago...when it was feeling much warmer):

I'm so thrilled with this new 'do. It's almost entirely my natural hair color as well. There are still some dark spots left, but those will be gone as soon as I go for a trim. It has also helped me get a bit out of this funk I've been in for while. It's freshened up my fashion point of view.

dress the loved one
tights target
shoes nine west


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Life Lately

Well, I did really well the month of January on my blog schedule and I had the first week of February all mapped out and then I just became...uninspired. We all, no matter our style leanings, go through periods of feeling like nothing inspires us (at least it seems most of us do). Something had to be done, and I had an idea of what would kick my booty back into the world of inspiration. A hair cut. I've had many, many, many hair styles in my young adult life and this one was worth going back for.

It was freeing for me to cut off all my hair. Doing different things with my hair has never bothered me, after all, it's just hair, it grows back, but as I have gotten older I feel myself using it more as a security blanket. Oh no, I don't want to cut it too short, that's kinda scary. Well, it's never been scary to me before, why should it be scary now? I got kinda complacent and felt it had to be a certain length (I have no idea why), and then it just clicked a few weeks back, I needed to eliminate the security blanket. I wanted to feel free, like I did in college when I first got this cut. I did it, and I feel fantastic. I wasn't sure how everyone would respond via this blog, and even in real life, but I realized my style has nothing to do with what other people think I should look like, so this decision shouldn't either.

Besides the new 'do I've been working a lot. Particularly on my Kindergarten Opera (it's gonna be adorable). Is it terrible I'm already longing for summer break? Well, either way I cannot wait for summer. I'm so excited for warm weather and a bit of a reprise from teaching duties. 

For Valentine's Day Ty and I went swing dancing and off to the Holland House for dinner and drinks. The day after is Ty's birthday and we had a grand time celebrating him turning 25. Time has started going by so quickly. I can't believe I'll be turning 25 this year too.

How are you all faring through the winter, or perhaps summer, depending on where you live?


Monday, January 27, 2014

Anniversary Outfit

This is the outfit I wore for our lovely dinner out to celebrate our two year anniversary. I found the 40's dress at a tag sale for $5 and had been waiting for a good time to wear it. I have several lovely rayon/silk frocks waiting to be worn, but the weather here has demanded mostly heavy wools. I'm glad I wore this rayon number, but by the end of the evening I was a bit chilly.

You'll have to excuse the poor lighting in my bedroom. By the time we were getting ready it was already dark outside. I think we might get some proper lighting tools sometime soon and try for more indoor photos, it's always fun to mix it up.

40's dress tag sale
60's necklace wedding gift
50's bracelet flea market
stockings what katie did
shoes remix


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Two Years

Today marks Tyler and I's two year wedding anniversary. It feels as if we've been married so much longer and at the same time as if we just said our vows. This past year has been an amazing one, full of joy, blessings, hardships, grief, and loving one another through it all. I cannot imagine my life without Tyler. 

 photo Litton-30.jpg
 photo Litton-43.jpg photo Litton-42.jpg 


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Scottie Dog Addiction

I've realized that I have a Scottie dog brooch addiction. I'm so in love with them, and practically wear them with every outfit. I'm not ashamed however, they are adorable and I will wear them everyday proudly. Here's my outfit from today, sporting, of course, a Scottie dog.

I'm wearing my hair like this so often lately. It's a nice easy style, and suits most of my clothing. I'm missing my long hair lately. I just want it to grow, grow, grow. However, at the same time, I want all the dyed bits gone and think of cutting it all off. Oh, choices.

50's dress the loved one
50's sweater can't remember
tights target
shoes anthropologie
30's scottie dog brooch gift

Is there an accessory or clothing article that you can't help but wear often?


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Three of My Favorite Things

I'm frequently getting asked what kind of various make up I use, so I thought I'd write a post on some of my favorites and things I use daily.

When it comes to powder/foundation I used to use MAC, but I've been trying to be nicer to my skin (as it's incredibly sensitive and almost anything harsh causes it to break out and go all red) so I've switched to an all natural brand called Gabriel. I use the powder foundation (as it has no toxins or anything bad in it at all) and wet to apply. It goes on very light and since using it I have far fewer break outs and skin issues. I also use their concealer to deal with any blemishes I might be having. I use both in the lightest shades they make.

When it comes to lipsticks I use a plethora of different kinds. A favorite of mine at the moment is MAC's Pro Longwear in True Red. I have a few shades from the Pro Longwear line and adore them all. They last forever with zero bleeding, I usually don't use a lip liner or MAC's Lip Prep and Prime, it's just that good. If there's a fairly recent outfit post and I have red lipstick on there's a good chance it's this one.

NYX eye shadows. Ok, I seriously love their eye shadows. They are incredibly affordable (music to my ears), but they also have fabulous pigment and their matte shades are fabulous. One of my favorites is Birthday Suit, it has a tint of violet in it so it has a brightening effect. I also use one of their brown eye shadows to fill in my brows.

Those are a few things I'm loving at the moment. What about you? Are there any make up bits that you are loving right now?


P.S. Is there anything you'd like to see me write about? Make up/Hair tutorials? Any questions that you'd like to ask that I can do a blog post on?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


The other day my hair decided to do an early 60's flippy thing, so I went with it. I used to be very into the 60's vibe when I was in college and haven't done a lot of it since. I really enjoyed this look though, and I may have to replicate it more often.

Can we talk about this coat for a moment? I went to the flea market, last year actually, and saw this darling cream coat and thought "I don't have anything like that", so I proceeded to check it out. I then saw the Lilli Ann tag on the coat and realized it probably wasn't going to be in my price range. I asked the lady who was selling it how much she wanted for the coat and she says  "Ohhh, maybe $20?" ...Um, yes! That is right in my budget and a $20 quite well spent for a Lilli Ann coat.

early 60's lilli ann coat flea market
50's skirt hip zipper
blouse brookes brothers
tights target
shoes anthropologie
vintage brooch gift

What is one of your favorite vintage finds?