Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inspiration for the week

It has been weirdly cold and rainy here...ick. I actually wore tights and layers the other day. Come back summer! Here are a few outfits that are quite summery.

I'm really loving simply looks for the summer, and I think all these lovely outfits embody that simplicity. 

This is the week of finals, and needless to say I'm super excited that school is almost out and really trying to find the motivation to study for finals. After finals week is past me, I wanting to do a little more work on my blog. Some of my pages aren't really working correctly and I'm wanting to figure out how to make all my pictures the same size and maybe start hosting them somewhere like flikr. Any who, back to writing an essay.



  1. Such lovely summery outfits! It makes me wish it was warmer!


  2. it has been so cold here too! what happened beautiful warm weather! well hopefully it will be back soon! good luck with your last week of school!


  3. I agree, lovely and stay warm! :-) xx


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