Monday, October 24, 2011

Make Up Tutorial: With A Fall Twist

Here is my first make up tutorial! This is how I do my every day make up, except the lip stick is darker than usual in celebration of the autumn season.

Products I used:

Prep and Prime by MAC
Pro Longwear foundation by MAC
Select Sheer Pressed Powder by MAC
Brow Shaper in Soft Brown by Clinique
Orb eye shadow in a satin finish by MAC
The Falsies Volume Express mascara by Maybelline
Powder blush in Melba by MAC
Prep and Prime Lip by MAC
Lipstick Dare You by MAC
Lip liner pencil in Cherry by MAC

I'm really loving doing tutorial's so if there's anything in particular you'd like me to do one on, please let me know and I'll try to do it!


P.S. Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post, it really cheered my day up!


  1. You put it to the Secret Sisters! Ah I love that.
    What color do you use for the pressed powder? I can never find the right shade for my skin and yours looks pretty close to mine.


  2. It sooo hard for me to find pale foundation, so I'm interested as well what colour you are using :)
    And it so unusual that you put first lipstick and then pencil cause i do that in other way - first pencil, then lipstick :)

  3. Greta tutorial, I'm really enjoying all your blog posts. I'm also wondering what foundation colour you are using and what skintype you have. I have trouble finding foundation that matches and doesn't leave my skin look super greasy...
    Great lipstick colour, it's perfect for fall! xo

  4. This was an absolutely amazing tutorial!!! You make putting on make-up look so easy and flawless!!!

    Thank you for this!!!

  5. Also, my little word captcha thingie for commenting was "paticat." Gave me a giggle! ;)

  6. Finally a makeup tutorial...hooray! :D You and the music are just adorable.

  7. I have been wondering when you would gives us a peak into your daily makeup look. You always look so wonderful in all your pictures. I just love the Melba blush. I will have to purchase that real soon. I too have been thinking about giving a tutorial on my everyday look, but I am not a wiz at editing videos and it seems like such a huge task. Great tutorial! Keep them coming.

  8. Hi Em.

    What's the primer you use, before you put on your lipstick? Does it help you in particular? I'm thinking about getting one, for my dry lipsticks, so they wont gather in the cracks on my lips, but I don't know if it's worth the money.


  9. this video is super cute and i love who you sped it up and the song is adorable! all your little movements, ah you are so cute!

  10. This was great!! I am in love with that lipstick color; also, pencil after lipstick? I've never done it that way, but I bet it's much neater, I'll have to try it tomorrow!
    Oh yes, and the Secret Sisters soundtrack made my day! I love those gals.

  11. Emily & Gracie:
    It's actually just sheer. it's MAC's Select Sheer pressed powder, so it doesn't really have a color.

    GinCherry and Sarah:
    I use MAC's Pro Longwear foundation in NC20, it looks a little darker than my skin in the bottle which scared me at first, but it matches perfectly. I think I may have to go a little lighter this winter when I get even paler. I have combination skin, dry and oily, but it tends to get quite oily throughout the day, and this does just the trick! It keeps my skin under control and lasts all day, I would totally recommend it.

    Trix: It's MAC's lip prep and prime and I LOVE it. It makes any lipstick stay where it's put all day long. And it's not too badly priced I think it was around $12.

    Dakota: I know! I'm so bad at lining my lips first I started doing it this way and it works sooo much better for me.

  12. Emma, I am going shopping for make-up after I get off work! I love your tutorial! Thanks for sharing!


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