Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wedding: People We Love

These are photos of all the lovely people who were in the wedding and our families, whom we love so dearly.

My lovely bridesmaids. They are all so dear to me. From left to right: Sarah, my darling sister. Kayla, my new amazing sister! Rachael, my loving wonderful friend. Hannah, my other lovely sister. All of my bridesmaids wore vintage dresses we found here in Nashville at a local vintage shop. They also wore vintage gloves. I just didn't like the idea of making all the girls wearing one dress that wouldn't look flattering on all of them. So we went hunting for beautiful vintage dresses that would look lovely on each of them.

Tyler had amazing groomsmen. From left to right: Blake, Josh (his brother), Zach, and Caleb.

Kayla and Josh-Tyler's amazing siblings (now mine too!)

I love this photo of Tyler and his Dad.

All my siblings gathered together! Hannah, Sarah, David, and Jesse.

My beautiful mother. She wore a lovely 50's dress for the wedding.

My father will hate that these next two photos are online, but they are amazing candid shots of him and his mother, and I just love them:

all photos by aaron hardin

Our wedding was such a wonderful loving event surrounded by people we love, it couldn't have been more perfect.



  1. I like this post so much!!! These photos are amazing!!!
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
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  2. Beautiful pictures...congratulations...
    you were wonderful! :)

  3. Lovely photos, so happy and joyful :) And your blog just stole my heart and i'm definitely going to follow, warm greetings from Finland!

  4. I love the candid shots of your dad. How cute!

  5. I love how you did your bridesmaids dresses, each girl looks unique and beautiful in her own vintage treasure. Love how there is still a theme running through with the cardigans. This is one of the prettiest wedding parties I've seen ;)

  6. such precious photos, love wedding photography!


  7. I don't know or your family, but these photos want me to give you all a big hug! Such happy family and dreamy pictures!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  8. i love the warmth of all these pictures and everyone is so happy! i mean who isn't on a wedding day but you can see so so so much love in these!

  9. These pictures are amazing, I can't do anything but just smile when I look at them. (:

    - Sarah
    A Dream in Black and White

  10. you look so stunning! love your vintage dress. and these photos are so beautiful and special! the one thing I regret about our wedding photos was that I didn't get enough photos with my beautiful friends/bridesmaids. it's such an amazing day to share.

    thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment! I love your blog, can't wait to see more. :)
    oh, and congratulations!

  11. Such beautiful photos! It looks like you had an amazing day. Love that all the girls have vintage dresses on. x

  12. Such happy, lovely photos. The bridesmaids are gorgeous.

  13. Really beautiful photos, glad you had such a lovely day :)

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  14. So many wonderful happy faces, I love how sweet and natural all your photos are. SO lovely!


  15. I have been looking at all your wedding posts and they look so, so lovely.

  16. It's uncanny, I have just stumbled upon your blog and in looking over your wedding photos I see a photo of you and your mother BOTH wearing dresses I once had in my Etsy (Dear Golden) shop. The wedding dress was sold to a gal in California so if that is where you purchased it from it likely is the same dress! It came from a very sweet lady in Ohio who also wore it for her wedding. At one time it had a floral headpiece & matching gloves that went with the dress. Your mother's dress was also one that was in my shop, how random!

    You look gorgeous. :)


  17. Lauren: How neat!! Yes, I did indeed buy from an etsy seller in California. I bet it's so funny to see both dresses that used to be in your shop. They are both well loved :)

  18. What a perfect day! Your wedding dress is so pretty, you all look so happy - and wow, you and your sisters all look so alike!


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