Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Night

This Saturday has been wonderful. I made a super yummy breakfast this morning and Ty and I bummed around and watched 30 Rock. We did some productive things like laundry and then headed out to see The Avengers with my family (which is AWESOME so you should all go see it), then Ty took me out to my favorite Indian place. All in all a completely lovely Saturday.

I'm enjoying my hair so much lately. It's long enough to do some neat styling and short enough to not be especially hard to handle. It's also recovering nicely from the horrid shock I gave it by numerous bleachings and dyings.

pants the hip zipper
blouse q's daydream
shoes anthroplogie (christmas gift last year)
scarf target

How are ya'lls weekends turning out?



  1. I just cant get overhow adorable you are! That little cropped top is the cutest. I especially love the button detail in the back. Have a lovely weekend! X

  2. Love your new hair colour! That top is just darling! Love the buttons on the back!

    x Aliya

  3. well it sounds lovely! sounds like a great way to spend the day. adore your cropped top. you take the cutest photos. xo.

  4. We've had a pretty good Saturday!!! Got a new book in the main, went shopping, had pizza, celebrated my father-in-law's birthday and than Jen and I crashed with Game of Thrones!

  5. I know that you can never see yourself as others do... but that last photo is stunning, stunning, stunning. Breath-taking, gorgeous. Also, love the outfit. Lol.


  6. So very, very summertime fabulous, fun, and sweet. I really like how the yellow in the headscarf pairs beautifully with your rich blonde locks.

    Wishing you a serenely lovely Sunday,

  7. Lovely outfit, that gingham top is so sweet. I want to watch The Avengers! x

  8. You look so pretty, like you could be in a vintage coca cola ad! have a lovely weekend xoxo

  9. You're so pretty! You look like X-Tina in the Candyman video :)

    Mabel Time

  10. Yum, i love indain food! We found a yemeni place byour house that is amazing! I love your hair and your outfit is adorable! You look like a pinup! I jave always wanted to do a pinup photoshoot. Wouldnt that be fun!

  11. I like your shoes!

  12. Wow I love that top and the buttons on the back! You pull it off welllll :)

  13. Super lovely darling =)
    Funny...yesterday also went to see "The Avengers" with my boyfriend!

    Sweet kisses
    MissLil'Susie <3

  14. I can't get enough of your look! You always have the most amazing photos too, love this!


  15. love this bralette top! those pink buttons are devine.
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  16. You look so cute, the buttons on the back of that top are so cute! I went for an Indian Sunday, been dreaming about it ever since.

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  17. ohh, i love your outfit! and your hair looks gorgeous. following you now! :)

  18. I love this look SO much! Perfectly retro - I love your vibe! You are a beauty.

  19. Em, so stunning pictures. I love your look. You are pretty girl :-)


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