Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Some of you may know that I was a Music Education major in college, and so I obviously have a great love for music, but something you may not guess is that Bluegrass is one of my favorite genres! I'm a sucker for all the history, the instruments, the simple but powerful lyrics. I even own two mandolins which I never learned to play properly. Any way, I got to go hear Ricky Skaggs (those fellow Bluegrass lovers know who he is) this past weekend, and this is what I wore:

The concert was amazing, and what was even crazier was Barry Gibb showed up and played with Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder! An amazing night that's for sure. I have more candid photos that Ty took that night that I'll try to share with you all later.

Also, can I just say this dress is one of the best summer dresses? It's so festive feeling. I just love wearing it.

late 50's/early 60's dress hip zipper
shoes anthropologie (gift)
earrings pangea
bakelite etsy



  1. I LOVE your dress, Emma! Its so, so pretty! I love the crisp white with those stitches of festive colors; and the pop of yellow on your nails and the red rose earrings are so fun! I love it :)

    xoxo Coco
    Fancy Drew

  2. Beautiful, I love how you've styled you hair. It's vintage but without too much hassle. Also, great nails! A wonderful pop of colour x

  3. Oh, you look so lovely! Bluegrass is just fab, I've been getting into more bluegrass & old country tunes as of late, and I've really been loving it. I admire banjo players so! x

  4. Oh you look beautiful! Amazing how you seem to suit any hair colour.
    I love bluegrass as well. I used to listen to music non stop, and then sadly in the space of a few months my ipod, laptop and most of my cd's were stolen. After that I just sort of stopped listening to anything, until recently that is. Rediscovering all my old music has been heavenly. Ha ha, I didn't realise what great taste I have!

    1. Oh my goodness that would be so upsetting. I'm glad you're finally getting some music back!

  5. Lovely dress! I have never even heard of bluegrass.. :D Maybe I should civilize myself more.
    Glad you had fun!

  6. Great pictures - you look absolutely adorable!
    Your lipstick color is beautiful - just perfect with the earrings.
    Which one are you wearing?

  7. Oh my goodness you look so so very pretty, that dress is simply gorgeous.
    Perfect for a summer evening seeing your favourite band.
    Love v

  8. You look gorgeous, the dress, the nails, the lippy, love it!

  9. you look so stunning. i love your style

  10. I really like your new hair length, I bet it's super easy to manage now.

  11. Ahh there's nothing better than seeing a band or musician you love live! And that dress id gorgeous

  12. The neckline on the dress is STUNNING, it's so lovely! You look gorge here


  13. I love this dress! It's so pretty! You look positively fresh and lovely!

  14. You look so beautiful it takes my breath away... :)

  15. i love blueglass too! i love all the instruments too and just the whole vibe of bluegrass. there is a bluegrass festival in sf very year and i hope we can make it this year. we have gone before and it was awesome. you look simply amazing in that outfit, that dress is really really perfect!

  16. that sounds so fantastic, I'd love to attend a concert like that!! You look fabulous Emma, that dress is gorgeous, and I love how you completed the look with those cute red earrings! xoxo

  17. So strikingly gorgeous. I adore the deep, romantic hue of your crimson lips partnered with the sweet, crisp white dress. Amazing look!

    ♥ Jessica

  18. I haven't seen your hair straight! I love how it flips up at the ends, such a charming style with this fresh and festive frock.

    <3 Cambria

  19. Your hair is adorable, and so is the dress and the concert sounds like a blast!

  20. This dress is BEAUTIFUL, I love it!

    Maria xxx

  21. This is gorgeous! I don't know much about bluegrass, but my best friend and roommate for awhile in college really liked it, and I always loved when she had it on around the house! (especially good for cooking/ kitchen dance parties)

    I also must tell you that your hair looks so fabulous! I think I am cutting my very long hair off tomorrow (unless I chicken out, I have never had it short)! But seeing your picture make me realize you can still style it in so many cool ways even if its not really long!
    Hope you're having a beautiful bluegrass filled summer day!
    xo Hannah

  22. omg, this dress is absolutely amazing.


  23. That dress is so darling! And gorgeous nails to go with it. Each year I go to a folk festival with my family with a fair bit of bluegrass. I just love it!


  24. Gorgeous dress and your bracelet is darling! <3

    xx Christina

  25. I really love that deep red lipstick on you. It looks great with your new hair color and offsets beautifully against that white dress.

  26. wow, I love this dress and your shoes, so lovely outfit. and thank you for comment on my blog!

  27. This dress is beautiful!! I love everything about this look! Your hair is looking so lovely!

    x Aliya

  28. Such a pretty dress! I love the different colors of ribbon and rick-rack around the hem.
    The lighting and your hairstyle and nails are also adorable.
    Love that you love bluegrass! I play Banjo and Dobro and Ricky Scaggs is one of my very favorites.
    I know this post is from a while back but i just had to comment lol



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