Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring/Summer Inspiration

It seems like people either love or hate Pinterest, but I really love it. I use it as a place to keep inspirational style photos, vintage photos, and lots of hair and make up inspirations. Here are some lovely things for the season that are on my "stylish" board.

Simplicity. Here in Tennesse summers can be incredibly hot, made worse by the relentless humidity, so sometimes throwing on a simple outfit is the best way to go. I recently thrifted a lovely simple cotton white t-shirt because I loved this photo of Dita in her simple outfit. I plan on rocking the shirt this summer with all my cotton skirts.

Play suits. Oh. my. goodness. I'm in love with play suits. I have two from my lovely friend Quincy, and I can't wait to break them out when it gets warmer. I would love to collect a few more this summer.

Shorts and pony tails. I thrifted a cute pair of high waisted shorts recently that I really adore. I want to work on being more comfortable wearing shorts this summer. They have never been something I have gravitated towards, but I love this darling lady in her cute shorts! Also, my hair is finally getting long enough, I think it'd look nice in a curly pony tail.

Hair flowers. I want to build my collection of hair flowers this spring/summer. I have a few I've made, but I don't wear them nearly as often as I should.


Colorful wedges/summer shoes. I adore these 40's red wedges. I would love to have a nice pair of wedges for the summer.

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What are some of your inspirations/wish list items for the spring/summer?



  1. I love Pinterest, too. I think inspiring.

  2. play suits— YES! i have a dress i've been thinking of turning into a playsuit now that i can sew! i love this list. i def gotta get some more shorts for this summer.

  3. Love Dita's outfit and the red wedges! :D

  4. Love your summery inspirations! I would love a couple of vintage 50s circle dresses, the confidence to wear a playsuit!


  5. These are all great looks. I'm working on making lighter, breezier skirts and blouses for summer. Lucky, I have a lot of nice summer shoes from when I lived in So Cal. Finding nice, cute shoes in Northern Nevada is hard.

  6. I love floral print for spring and summer! Coton is really perfect for hot summer.
    That's my favorites seasons because most of vintage remaining clothes are for nice weather.
    More over most of REPRO shoes (Remix, rockets original...) are peep toes wedges!
    I love my new Miss L fire shoes.

  7. It's just about unfathomable to me how anyone could dislike (I can't even bring myself to use a stronger word than that ;)) Pinterest, but I guess it's the old "different strokes for different folks" at play, as with nearly everything else in life. I'm so happy you're a big fan, too, honey (I always adore seeing your wonderful pins), and that we both find it such a stellar source of outfit inspiration.

    Happy pinning always!
    ♥ Jessica

  8. Great ideas! I love that photo of Dita also. It gets really hot here in Sydney in Summer and it's nice to know you can still look beautiful even when it's stinking hot. :) You've given me some inspiration for travelling but also some serious cravings for more clothes! x

  9. I want to make myself a play suit for spring. Unfornately I'm in Australia so we are headed into winter so my play suit will have to wait. I also just bought a few gorgeous pairs of shoes from BAIT footwear. I can't wait for them to arrive.

  10. I love Dita's outfit here, definitely a style inspiration!

    Maria xxx

  11. I should try Pinterest... I've never really used it. I love all of these things, especially the shorts/ponytail look

  12. Haha, tell me about the love for playsuits!
    I'd wear them all year around, if I lived somewhere warmer than Sweden. Such a great garment! Extremely flattering for everyone, very easy to mix and match and very easy to make, from even the smallest piece of fabric. I adore the fabric on the playsuit in this post - is it yours!? Lucky!

  13. Ah, playsuits... I love 'em too.
    I have been eyeing some shorts to sew up this summer. I also love stripes, so the girl in the striped shorts is the cutest thing! I think I've wanted a pair of 40s shoes like that for as long as I can remember loving vintage!


  14. How could anyone hate pinterest? It's so full of inspiration, I love it, same as your post here! <3

    Lots of love,


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