Monday, May 6, 2013


 It's been super rainy here lately in Nashville. The last two weekends have been engulfed by it. However, I think we're finally drying out and this week promises (at least at the moment) to be dryer.

With lots of rain there's also been lots of sleeping in, hehe. Actually Tyler was gone traveling for about half the month of April so this sleeping was very much deserved.

We got to go see the Nashville Symphony this past weekend. It was glorious, lots of Brahms and Debussy. Right up my ally.

 Lots of pampering. Nail doing, and Tyler spoiling me with 50's dresses and amazing hats.

 I'm so happy Tyler is finally home for a while and that the weather is looking up. Also there are only two weeks of school left (whooooa!) and we will be going on a little vacation to a cabin in the woods with family, so I cannot wait for that. Come on summer I cannot wait to greet you!

 What have you been up to lately?



  1. i hope the rain will be over soon! and i LOVE that hat!

  2. You look lovely as always! The dress looks great!

    Love, love, love the quilt. Rainy days under a quilt are the best. Where did you find that lovely at? The quilts around here are soooo high and not in nearly as great of shape!

  3. is this a real shaheen dress!? can't wait to see the dress your hubby gifted to you worn!

    love your 40s look ... adorable.

  4. The second picture is absolutely fantastic, it does not seem recent

  5. You look amazing (as always!). Sorry to hear it's been raining - we actually had sun this weekend! In Ireland! I KNOW!

  6. Sounds like a lovely few weeks, love your ring in that one photo!

    Maria xxx

  7. Haha the hat in the last picture is adorable! Wish you good luck with bearing what's left of school. Summer's already here yet I have finals to deal with...

    Lots of love,

  8. What a gorgeous dress! It's awesome that Ty loves to spoil you with vintage - Tony knows it's the best way to do the same thing with me, too (two of my all-time favourite vintage hats were "just because" gifts from him, as were two of my favourite silver necklaces).

    Not too much has been shaking on this end lately, as I've just been recouping from last month's surgery. Cabin fever is setting in, let me tell you, and I can't wait until I'm feeling well enough to get out and do things again (especially now that spring is finally here).

    ♥ Jessica

  9. You look fabulous! I love that hat :)

    Have a fab time on your vacation!


  10. NO. MORE. RAIN. So much rain have we already had! I am in love with your above the symphony photo hair and that pom pom hat. Good man, spoiling you with fifties' hats and dresses! He knows his audience!! :)

  11. Ohhh I can't wait to see you in that tropical looking wrap dress! I love your hair in the photo of what you wore to the symphony, so beautiful :)

  12. Oh he is such a sweetie! I hope you too had lots of snuggle time together-thats the best-isn't?? xox

  13. I absolutely love going to the symphony. Your outfit for the event is just lovely from your perfectly set hair down to your beautiful red shoes.

    What a great hat as well in the last photograph!


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