Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weekend Fun and a Hat

I still can't believe that this was my last week of school. I still have a half day on Tuesday, but that's it. Then Tyler and I will be on our way to a cabin in the woods to enjoy almost a week of blissful vacation. I'll be working at two summer camps when we get back so I won't have the whole summer off but it'll be a much slower pace.
I found an amazing new antique mall yesterday called Tennessee Antique Mall (I know, not the most original name ever) where there were loads of goodies to be had. I'm so happy I have yet another place to frequent for all my vintage needs. I happened upon one of the vendors discounting loads of clothing, so I snapped up several items. Those of you who follow me on instagram (emmyrenee) will have gotten a look at what I found.
Amongst the lovely finds was this hat:

  I love it because it's got waaaay more color than any hats I have previously owned, and I'm trying to be bolder with my hat choices. I think this fit the bill perfectly.

40's skirt hip zipper
blouse ross
shoes target
hat tennessee antique mall



  1. What a perfect find! The color is gorgeous next to your hair. Excellent choice :)

  2. I am loving the hat! You've worn it so perfectly with your outfit. I love the colours of the red, yellow and those lovely bakelite bangles!

  3. that hat looks great on you! i love the bright color!

  4. Oh my goodness, you look great, I love red and yellow on you, these colors really brighten up your beautiful skin! The hat is a gorgeous find and oh my, a cabin in the woods sounds fantastic...sigh. I want.
    My blog: Life Is A Romantic Poem

  5. Ooh that hat is gorgeous! Love the bold colour and the feather detail - very nice!

  6. You look beautiful,the hat is so cute! Your summer sounds idyllic xxx

  7. lovely hat and beautiful pictures

  8. Oh, I adore the hat! I'm really into hats myself and have an ever-growing collection, so I enjoy seeing how other people wear them as well! I love the color mix here too. How fun to find a new spot filled with goodies! That's always the best feeling :D

  9. Oh my lawd, it's gorrrrrgeous and looks amazing on you :-)

  10. Stunning! I love the colours, and that hat really suits you :) x

  11. I really love this hat, the colour is FAB on you!

    Maria xxx

  12. Ahhh!!! This hat is fabulous! I love everything about it! It looks great on you and compliments your eye color nicely :)


  13. What a jaunty, fabulous vintage chapeau! Congrats on all of the finds you unearthed at this new-to-you antiques mall. I so wish the (very small number of) antique shops within an evenly remotely close radius to us stocked more vintage fashion (most focus on housewares, furniture, military collectibles, books, etc - which don't me wrong, are of course all fabulous, I'd just love to have a store in our region of the province that I could walk into and find a selection of vintage clothing in).

    Have an awesome week - and super fun (and super well deserved) vacation,
    ♥ Jessica

  14. You are so beautifull.

  15. I love the hat, it looks perfect with your outfit xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  16. The color of that hat goes so well with your skin tones. I had no idea that Target was selling such cute retro looking shoes. I love that they go so well together.

  17. lovely! :) /

  18. The hat is a perfect hit!
    It fits you (shall I dare being stereotypical?!) "like a glove". :D
    Great color.
    The feather is very flattering addiotion.

    Have a great day


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