Saturday, May 31, 2014


This is the outfit I wore on Easter. I have so many back logged outfits to show you all! Thankfully, I just finished with school for the summer (I will be doing a summer camp and a little teacher but nothing too strenuous), so I will have loads of time on my hands for blogging!


I've gotten to a good place with the changes that have been happening in life at the moment. It probably helps that I just got back from the beach. It was a fabulous little get away with Tyler's family, and just the thing to kick off the summer. We're back in good ol' Tennessee now and I'm enjoying sprucing the apartment up and looking forward to the summer here.

Strangly, I have enjoyed the heat so far from this spring. Usually I loathe the warm humid weather moving in after a cool winter, but this year I'm embracing it. We went on a long hike this morning and I loved every sweaty minute of it.


50's dress tag sale
belt thrifed
shoes nine west
sunglasses main attraction east

Something I have been praying for for a long time is to be at peace and enjoy wherever I am in my life. I feel like I'm finally learning to do that. 
A fabulous professor of mine used to say "Wherever you are, be there." Words that I'm slowly learning to appreciate and live my life by.



  1. You are so amazingly fabulous. That dress and those sunnies are simply amazing <3

    What lipstick did you use in this post? It looks like such an amazing color!


  2. What a tremendous sentiment: "Wherever you are, be there." I love that! I think that's something a lot of us can take to heart.

    And by the way, this dress is just gorgeous! You look stunning, and those sunglasses are amazing.


  3. Great advice and absolutely stunning photos. -Be here now- is advice I try to live by.
    L A
    . RAVISHING on Bloglovin’ here.

  4. Ahhh love it - I keep trying to be grateful for what I have and really just enjoy everything that's come towards my way. Some days are harder than others, but we all get through them somehow right? :) You, missy, are gorgeous. On days where I want to grow my pixie out, I just go on your instagram and feel inspired again!

  5. Lovely, simple but elegant outfit. Perfect for Easter. I wore yellow on Easter but I've still to post pictures too! How time gets away, right? But yes, definitely should make the most of whatever it is and whatever is happening.

  6. Gorgeous, your crop is just so beautiful x

  7. Those are some awesome sunglasses!

  8. 'wherever you are, be there'. wise words. when i had to leave my beloved hometown almost 4 years ago, i was broken hearted, not jut because my 7 year long relationship broke up... i never felt home or close to home in my 'work' town but i tried my best to feel fine there. now living in berlin for over 9 months i feel almost home ... but it's more because i'm able to be here, make my life, live my life, live my love ... and i really don't know, what makes life different or better here, because i have less money - making a living here is pretty hard - but i feel fine.So truely love the words of your prof. :)

    love your yellow dress! as i said in a post in may: yellow is the new happy!

  9. I love this dress! I used to have a total aversion to yellow, but in the past couple of years it's become one of my favorite colors. The pops of red and black do a great job grounding the look.

  10. Emma, being at peace where I am now is something I've been praying about lately, too! It really helps that our church is doing a study on Philippians, and I've found a lot of encouragement in that book, these verses especially: Phil. 4:11-13: "I don’t say this out of need, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. I know both how to have a little, and I know how to have a lot. In any and all circumstances I have learned the secret of being content—whether well fed or hungry, whether in abundance or in need. I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me." Such a good reminder that our content-ness isn't based on our circumstances, and our attitudes don't have to be bound by bad (or good) circumstances. It's definitely a lifelong learning process to be content wherever you are! I also love the advice I got from a friend overseas recently: "Don't waste this season of your life wishing for the next one. Enjoy the season you are in." Hope this is helpful for you, and just know that you're not alone in struggling with this!! -- Sarah (

  11. I love this outfit, you look so chic! I think mindfulness is the secret to happiness, appreciating what you have is difficult but SO important!

    Maria xxx


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