Monday, January 24, 2011

The hat

For my outfit post Ty and I went out by the small pond by the apartment complex. I'm really going to have to start finding some interesting places to take picture in Jackson.

 Tyler got jealous of my lovely hat, so he gave it a go.
I'm pretty sure he was mocking me.

blouse  thrifted
skirt  thrifted
tights  gap
shoes  nine west
necklace  fire finch (another favorite shop in nashville)
coat  borrow from my mom
hat  bought for me in LA by Ty


  1. Love the pictures, especially the ones of you laying down. Wonderful.

  2. Love these photos, love love love the hat! So cute you are!

  3. These picture are fantastic! We absolutely have to go together sometime. You look just gorgeous!

  4. your man looks pretty darn cute in that hat..hehe but you do make it look much better with your beautiful curly hair!


  5. Love the photos - you're so cute :) That first one of Tyler in your hat he looks like an explorer to me... don't know why!

  6. I love the way that red jacket adds the perfect pop of color!


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