Saturday, April 16, 2011

Night Time Blogging

Good evening, I know it is quite late in the evening, well actually it's not even Saturday any more. I was just excited about two things I thrifted today, and I just had to share. You'll have to forgive the quality of the photo's as they were taken at midnight.

Today has been lovely. Tyler and I have both had to do some work, but we've had some great downtime. We got chinese take out and watched 500 Days of Summer this evening. One of my favorite Zooey movies.


I'd been getting down about my lack of funds to purchase lovely things, so I persuaded Ty to go with me to do a bit of thrifting. I found this wonderful skirt and blouse for $7 total. Just wonderful; it made my day. I'd been searching for a maxi-ish skirt and this one was perfect. I also wanted a cream colored blouse, and lo and behold I found this one. It's so exciting to find beautiful things for such little money. 

blouse thrifted
skirt thrifted
belt american eagle
shoes target 

I hope you are all having a glorious weekend, because weekends are the best, just fabulous.


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  1. you have my dream hair color. my mom was a redhead. i've been wanting to dye my hair this color for ages. but unfortunately, bright red doesn't look so hot on big super curly hair. if only it was straight all my crimson dreams would come true...


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