Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I've discovered that I'm loving lacy things for the summertime. Well, I think I may just love them for anytime, but I'm just now discovering them I suppose. This shirt I got from a lovely lady in France. You should take a look at her blog Orphan Treasures.

We've gotten another round of storms (thankfully it consisted of loads of rain and no tornados) and it's just gotten sunny again. It's gotten a little chillier, but I will accept that as long as the sun is shining.


Besides the weather being wonderful, I'm really excited because this weekend Ty and I are going to Nashville and I'm going to try on my wedding dress!! I can't wait. It's getting me through the week really. I'm so tired of school...especially chemistry.


blouse orphan treasures
skirt thrifted by sarah
shoes thrifted
belt thrifted

I honestly have very little motivation for school right now, but it's almost over...I can make it.

I hope all you lovelies are having a good week, and are getting through your work/school.



  1. i know you probably hear this a lot... :P
    you have BEAUTIFUL hair!
    lace is one of my favorite fabrics..i love how you paired it with a long skirt.
    so lovely..have a wonderful time in nashville..i miss tennessee so much.

  2. beautiful combination! I´m a big fan of lace too!

  3. That's such a pretty blouse! I can't do lace... or anything frilly actually... but I love them on you :) And hang in there... we are almost done!

  4. youre just the prettiest thing! its lovely that you like my hair but i think yours is the pit of perfection <3

  5. SO gorgeous! These pictures are great, the outfit is darling, and I love love LOVE your hair like that! Wedding hair...maybe...? ;)

  6. You are absolutely lovely~
    I've such a thing for lace, and I love seeing gals in the blogosphere wearing it.

    It must be so exciting to try on your wedding dress! I hope you have a lovely time in Nashville-- be careful! The flooding from the storm was crazy when I ventured out the other day.


  7. i really love that teal color on you! it looks great against your lovely pale skin and you GORGEOUS red hair! if i could pull of red hair like yours i would dye it in an instant!


  8. You are so beautiful! I love your style, it's really lovely. Fab shoes hon!

    The Flower Girl

  9. Hello dear, I've just found your blog and I love it ♥ This skirt is almost perfect. Its cut is fabulous and really simple.

    Hugs dear !

  10. You are simply stunning! I love lace too and this combination is so beautiful:) Consider me your newest follower^^
    Love Änglamrak.

  11. Such a nice top/blouse/shirt! Goes so well with your skirt and shoes too


  12. very nice outfit!
    visit me :)

  13. this outfit is amazing. the blue midi skirt with the lace...i adore it. saving it for looks i love


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