Saturday, May 28, 2011

A week of celebration

Alright, so here I'm today in Mobile hangin' out with Ty's family, and I'm keeping my word and actually doing a blog post! 

So, as I've said earlier, this past week has been a wonderful one, fully of family and celebrating my sister Sarah's graduation and birthday. Sadly, I haven't taken a whole lots of pictures, but I do have some from Sarah's graduation.


Sorry I still haven't fixed my picture sizing, that's still on the to-do list. Sarah looks so lovely in her graduation garb, doesn't she? 

So after all the excitement of graduation and her birthday, I decided I was going to take the plunge and learn how to sew. I already know, and when I was younger I actually did quite a bit, but I haven't in several years, and so my mom and my sister gave me a little bit of a crash course. Sadly, the dress I started was very ambitious so I'm having to leave it at home so my Mom can help me with it when I return in a week or so. I decided I needed to practice in between that time so I have gotten several super simple patterns (all on sale for $1 yay!) and am planning to make a blouse this week. Wish me luck, I know I'll need it.

I'll try to take some pictures these next three days and do some more blogging, hopefully show you all a bit of my blouse I'll be constructing. 

I'm off to conquer cutting out a pattern by myself!



  1. Oh my gosh, I love her graduation cape! It is such a beautiful colour! Unfortunately I'll be stuck with boring black! p.s. I love your dress!


  2. i loved the feeling after i graduated, so free!! have fun cutting out your pattern! it is so much fun to see something come together!!



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