Friday, June 3, 2011



Beaaaaaach!! We had such a great time at the beach while I was in AL, it was my first real sun exposure for the summer, and Tyler and I both got some bad sunburns...but it was worth it. Kayla is the other lady in these photo's, Tyler's awesome sister (one of my bridesmaids!) We swam in the wonderful cool ocean, and laid out on the warm sand; perfection. 

I'm back now, and I'm sorry I haven't been posting a bit more. I hurt my neck and so I've been laying in bed a lot. I'm feeling better now though, so I will be back to the ol' posting.

We're headed to see the new X-Men movie tonight (I've actually never seen an X-Men movie before so it'll be an experience) with some friends, so that should be fun. My biology class starts on Monday, so I'm planning on fitting in a lot of relaxing in this weekend.


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  1. oh i am soo jealous of your beach time! we are getting rain here which for this time of year is really really rare...glad you had a great time!



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