Friday, June 24, 2011

Little Black Dress

I always find myself going back to this little black dress I got a couple years ago at gap. It's so versatile, and even though it's not a super fancy little black dress, it has served me well. I'm really wanting to branch into brighter colors since I'm so comfortable in neutrals, but that might take a while.

dress gap
blouse thrifted
belt thrifted
shoes target (old)

I have some bad news about my seer sucker shorts I was making. I think I did something wrong, because they were supposed to be high waisted and they certainly did not even come up to my waist. They look bizarre; like a very small child with really wide hips might wear them. Oh well, I took the left over fabric and am venturing into making hair pieces, so I'll show you some soon!




  1. The collar is so beautiful and delicate! You look amaaazing!


  2. what a beautiful outfit and i love that your paired it with a peter pan color and with those oh so cute shoes! i scored some peach/pink items this weekend and it made me think of you! your soft sweet color palette is rubbing off on me ;D


  3. i can not believe that blouse is thrifted.
    i am in love with the collar and the color!!
    & of course, you look beautiful as always.

  4. I want pretty polka-dot shoes!!!

  5. That dress is definitely so versatile! I love that you can wear tops underneath it as well! Aww...i'm sorry about your shorts. But hey, at least you came up with an alternative solution!!


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    Love your blog.))

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  7. oh, you look incerdible! yoiur hair is amazing! and those shoes are very, VERY Miu Miu ^^ x

  8. This is super cute, that blouse is lovely! x

  9. nice dress, cute hair, great shoes!


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