Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This dress has been waiting in my closet for the first cool day. Today was that day. It was a wonderful 54 degrees out when I woke up this morning and went off to school. Amazing! Autumn is by far my favorite season, and by the end of summer I'm always incredibly antsy for it to get here. Knowing Tennessee weather this cool front is not here to stay, but just sent to taunt us *sigh*. Eventually it will get cool though, and I'm so excited for that.

I bought my first MAC products the other day (also my very sweet mother treated me to some amazing foundation and powder). My make up from clinique was not the right color any more. It was starting to look like my face was dirty and brown, bleah. Some girls would be sad their skin was becoming paler (mine is already quite pale), but I'm super thrilled to be getting paler! I adore pale skin I think it's the most beautiful thing.  I had heard wonderful things about MAC matching paler skin types, and it is completely true. I also have problems with my skin getting quite oily, but their primer and foundation really fights against that. I also had been wanting to try out some more peachy/warmer tones for fall so I got their blush in Melba and Lady Danger in their matte lipstick. Both are just beautiful. I just dabbed on some lipstick here, I'm still not quite brave enough to wear a fully colored lip for student teaching (I hope to be soon though).

dress vintage 60's/local honey
shoes nine west
tights target

Also, I recently made a facebook page for my blog. If you'd like to "like" it here's the link: The Fiercest Lilliputian.

How is the weather where you're from? What's your favorite season?



  1. i love you blush! the color brings out the beautiful blue of your eyes! i have been wanting to try a more coral colored blush for some time, maybe it is high time i go get me some! i am also on the hunt for a matte orange color.

  2. Ooo, I like the sleeves. I might have to do some sleeves like that on one of my fall dresses I'm working on.

  3. Cute outfit! I too love my pale skin. I got a foundation sample from MAC and really loved it, but I normally wear Physicians Formula tinted moisturizer.

    I hope your first day of school went well :)


  4. Ah so jealous of your fall dress! It's finally getting really hot here (like 90s-100s), and I'm terribly envious of everyone who is breaking out their cardigans and tights. I very much dislike this heat. But in other news, you look very pretty and I also admire pale skin.

  5. So cute! And I know what you mean about the weather! I turned the heater on in my car when I left for work this morning just to make me feel like it's really fall! haha

  6. That dress is just too adorable!

  7. We had a cool day in Atlanta today too, but I wasn't at all prepared for it! I got sad when someone told me it's not gonna last ;(

  8. The high was 79 today and it felt amazing all day! Sadly, next week it shall return to the upper 80's and lower 90's. -Sigh- I'm ready for fall! <3

  9. I love your dress! It looks perfect for the cooler weather.

    It's been a little warmer here, but yesterday it poured with rain on and off all day (probably because I had a bunch of washing hanging out on the line, ha!). I'm enjoying the sun but wishing it would get a little bit warmer!

  10. It is pretty hot here! I LOVE the summer but since it has been very rainy and cold UNTIL now, I just want it to be over already and be fall :) I am so excited to wear my new school clothes :) I know what you mean! And I don't care about getting tan anymore I wanna be pale :)
    But you look absolutely stunning as usual! Such a pretty face :)

    Love, Minda


  11. What a darling dress and I love your shoes too!
    It's starting to warm up in my part of the world (Brisbane, Australia) which means I'm super jealous of your cooling weather. Autumn/Fall is by far my favourite season.

  12. J`adore your look from head to toe!
    You look so stylish and fabulous!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  13. I love your blog and I have awarded you the 'One Lovely Blog Award'. To accept the award visit my post about and follow the instructions!

  14. very cute dress.... love your hair.


  15. You were born to wear blue baby!

  16. I love autumn too! Except for the rain... it's been raining and storming over here. My perfect day would be a nice sunny autumn day, with coloured trees and leaves on the ground!

  17. I'm relishing in this cool weather too. I love the collar on this pretty thang C:

    ugly plants

  18. I love summer, summer and summer. Also spring. Here the autumn and the winter are quite cold. I live near Venice.
    Really like that dress: it has a beautiful color!


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