Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wedding Hair

I've recently really gotten into Pinterest and that has sparked me looking at a lot of inspirational photos of different things. Here are some lovely hair images that have got me thinking for my wedding day.

Oh my goodness, recently I have been completely inspired by Lauren Bacall. I adore her hair, and I think this style would be amazing for the wedding. I don't know the original source, but if anybody does let me know.

This is just too dreamy. Everything about it, but I especially adore the hair. Here is the original source and Miriam's beautiful blog.

How beautiful! I haven't decided if I'm going to wear my hair up or down yet, but this is totally a lovely option for an up do.

Ok, ok another Lauren Bacall, but her hair is just too amazing!

So that's what's inspiring me at the moment.



  1. the dresses in the 2nd and third pictures are so amazing! i love them both so much! as for the hair i think any vintage hair do would look amazing on you just depends on what the dress looks like. i think if you have your shoulders showing then you could go either way but up would bring attention to your beautiful neck. if you have a high cut dress or something with a collar i think up would look best. oh i can't wait to see pictures of you all done up! you are gonna look gorgeous!

  2. So gorgeous love the wedding pictures and the beautiful lace fabric on the first dress......

    Leah X

  3. Lauren Bacall is stunning, one of my favourites since a child!! x

  4. I thin k you would look pretty with any of these hairstyles. But you should think of the dress when choosing the hair too. :)

  5. Gosh, Doesn't Bacall look amazing... I may be mistaken, but the first shot looks like it could be a screen cap from "The Big Sleep".
    I wish I could do that almost fingerwave style of the third picture, it's so elegant!
    p.s. Thankyou for the lovely comments, I adore your blog!

  6. gorgeous pictureS!!! love your blog :)

  7. these are all so stunning, and glamorous! especially love the 3rd to see your pinterest now!! :) xo!

  8. great post! love the blog. I just got married. Wedding hair is the hardest to pick. I went extreme and did marie Antoinette inspired hair. Follow each other?


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