Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dressed For Tea Time

Today my grandmother, mom, and sisters took me out for a little bridal tea and luncheon. We went to a sweet old house that the tea room was in and drank out of lovely tea cups. It was so wonderful. They also got me an amazing nightgown worthy of somebody like Carol Lombard. We then stopped by and picked up a cute cake topper and a few other little odds and ends for the wedding. This is what I wore:

I'm sorry my photo quality has been slipping lately. My parents house is really difficult to take well lighted photos in, and Tyler is not always the photographer...which makes them suffer a tad.

sweater vintage/hip zipper
skirt vintage/hip zipper
tights target
shoes nine west
scarf vintage/borrowed from my sis sarah

Today is one week away from the wedding. I'm so excited and nervous (in a good way) that I'm starting to have a little trouble sleeping. Any suggestions from all you lovely married ladies as I'm going through this pre-wedding/wedding time?



  1. I love your skirt and the way scarf is tied it suits you so good. And I hope you'll the nicest Big day :)

  2. I remember not sleeping, my dr even gave me sleeping pills. Try to relax. Consider it an important job so you aren't exhausted the big day!
    Love your lipstick color here.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. So soon! I don't really even remember the week before my wedding so I can't really offer any advice except to just remember that it's only a day and the best part is in the days, months, and years afterwards :)

  4. How exciting! I just remember trying to stay as relaxed as possible, by now all the planning is pretty much out of the way and you can start concentrating on you. Enjoy your big day, it goes by so quickly!

  5. So love your outfit. Love the idea of a bridal tea! Just discovered you, all the best for your wedding, how exciting. I loved my wedding day so much. I don't need much sleep but I do remember getting a tiny headache later on in the evening. Make sure you drink loads of water in between people giving you champagne on your wedding day! I am such a light weight!
    I did chat a lot to all my bridesmaids the night before, but I so wouldn't have changed it, As that was such a fun evening too! I don't sleep well if my mind is buzzing with ideas, which is most nights, so I have a little sketchbook now next to the bed to write down all my thoughts. Sorry I have only just met you and I can't stop talking! heheh
    Take care and have a lovely day.

  6. You look gorgeous as always! I love pairing light blue with darker blue. I'm not married, so I cant help you out! But I'm so excited for you :)

    Mabel Time

  7. Oh, I just love the skirt and scarf! What a cute outfit. And don't be too nervous - as far as not sleeping, I think it's really normal! A little walk or some kind of exercise each day each day helps. (I know, like you have time! But you need to try to give yourself a little bit of down time to let your brain calm down) Just enjoy each moment, because in addition to your wedding day, the big lead up to your wedding is SO very special, and you will remember this week always!

  8. Gorgeous, as always! I really love the headscarf, it reminds me of Little Edie (in a most complementary way). And what an exciting time for you-- wishing you all the best!!!

  9. Oh, girl! You look so stunningly gorgeous in this outfit. I am SO excited for you and Tyler!!! One week, eeee!

    Jen and I didn't have much time between planning and our wedding (moved in August 21st, we decided to get married on September 13th!) I would say relax, drink some tea (Sleepytime Tea is WONDERFUL!!!) and if you absolutely must, maybe try some natural sleep herbs, like Valerian Root? I know how excited you are!!! I was the same way before mine and Jen's wedding day. <3

  10. Oh, your headscarf looks wonderful! <3 and your wedding is so soon! You must be so excited!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  11. WOW Loved your blog! Those pictures are amazing!

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  12. Love it and so is the house.

  13. Sip tea, talk to your honey, and revel in the last week before you're married! I find that purposefully soaking in the anticipatory moments helps me to be less anxious. I hope you have a wonderful week!

  14. cutttee!!! I especially love the top with the scarf.. really great for tea-time! and congrats on your engagement.. just breath! : )


  15. Have a wonderful time getting ready for it and congratulations when it comes! :) x

  16. the tea place sounds devine! You look it too! x

  17. I'm not married, but I'll still offer you this advice: embrace the sleeplessness as part of the experience! These week before jitters are a once in a lifetime feeling! You look super cute for your tea... I am so excited for you.

  18. Really great blog. I love your style. Have a tremendous wedding.


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