Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My new favorite thing

My apologies on being so absent of late (really for the last month or so) my wedding is now about 10 days away, and there's so much to be done blogging falls by the wayside a tish. Any who, I wanted to stop by and share one of my favorite Christmas gifts I received and it has quickly become one of my favorite things I use on a daily basis.

Say hello to the lovely Mason Pearson brush. I had been wanting one for a while and was happily surprised to receive one for Christmas! I admit I was a little doubtful it was really such a great brush (especially for the price) but it is amazing. It makes my hair so smooth and shiny, and it untangles without hurting, which is quite a feat with my very thick and curly locks. Altogether, the most amazing brush I have used. Do any of you have a Mason Pearson or prefer any other brush to it?



  1. It's one thing I've always wanted but never forked out for.

    I am the same, how great can a brush be? But I am glad to hear it is worth it's cost.


  2. I have thick curly hair and I never brush it, because if I do, it goes fluffy! I use a wide-toothed comb in the shower once I've put my conditioner on, which serves to de-tangle, but I'm significantly scruffier than you so perhaps we have different brush requirements :)

    It's a great idea for a present though: something that you maybe wouldn't want to spend the money on for yourself, but which is very much appreciated.

    Best of luck for your big day! I do hpoe you'll be sharing some pictures with us, you have such great style and I'd love to see you in all your finery!

  3. It;s made from natural hair, isn't it? To say honest I've never heard about it before, but I really like design and look of this brush. I use a natural hair brush about 10 years and I believe that it's really good for my hair :)

  4. Wow, lovely hairbrush and packaging!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  5. i have to look up this brush. 10 days away, how exciting! can't wait to hear and see all about it!

  6. You inspire me to try to take more care with my hair!! I am pretty clueless on the hair front but I'm glad I have your tips to consult ;)


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