Sunday, February 19, 2012

Inspiration: Ralph Lauren Fall 2012

I recently saw Ralph Lauren's line for the fall and just completely fell in love. Inspired by Downton Abbey, who couldn't love this amazing line! Here are some of my favorite looks:

 I'm just adoring all the tweed, jackets, adorable hats, and amazing shoes. Ahhh. Here's a few evening looks I loved:

I know everybody is just longing for spring now, but I still wouldn't mind living in the chilly weather and wearing some of these amazing items.



  1. It looks fabulous! I especially love the black dress, although I know Lady Gratham would disapprove... :)

  2. Amazing. Love the last dress.

  3. i'm not tat all sure of thos short trousers..... love the socks though!

  4. I like the plus fours one girl is wearing. Reminds me of Tintin.


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