Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting it all together

Lately lots of things have been falling into place around the Litton household. We're getting lots of furniture and finally getting a bit of art to hang about. Yesterday I found the perfect art deco dresser for us when I was out and about with Quincy of Q's Daydream Vintage. Which made me sooo completely happy, because now we can get rid of some of the plastic things we'd been storing some clothing in.
Also, found a lovely art deco chair to go with my vanity. When things are a little more put together I'll have to show you all! 

Sorry for the darkish quality of these photos. These were taken in our (messy) room right before we went to an art walk tonight in Hillsboro Village. We also went and ate at The Dog tonight for the first time, and if you're in the Nashville area and enjoy a superb loaded hot dog, that's the place for you.

blouse american aparrel
50's felt circle skirt the hip zipper
40's riding jacket the loved one
shoes jessica simpson

 I suppose you've gotten a little peek at my art deco vanity. I completely adore it. It was super cheap and in quite the disrepair. I re-finished it and put new knobs on (the ones that were on were not original and icky looking) The glass is sadly scratched pretty badly, and it seems to be from behind the glass. I was told it's un-fixable but if any of you know any tricks do tell me!



  1. Oh it's so fun to decorate a new place! I can't wait to see how it all comes together!

  2. That dresser is simply AMAZING, what a great find!!

  3. I LOVE deco furniture, can't wait to see the rest of your home!

  4. Wow you look gorgeous, love how you've done your hair :) Vintage dresser sounds lovely, looking forward to seeing that <3

  5. Lovely vanity, it is a shame about the scratches. I can't wait to see the rest of your place when it is finished.

  6. I like the jacket, the color suits you! :D Hugs!

  7. I love your outfit, you have such a perfect, classic look!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  8. Love that yellow-y colour on you, really sweet especially with the red lips :)
    I love thrift finds for furniture, I feel like it just makes a place so much more interesting and full of life with a story :)


  9. That vanity is amazing! I wish I could help with the scratches, but hopefully someone can. Also, glad you found a good dresser. That's something my room was lacking for a LONG time, and once I found one I couldn't believe I ever lived without it!

  10. It looks wonderful! And I love your wee jacket too! So cute and the perfect colour! :) Zoë x

  11. It must be so fun to fill a new place with new stuff!!! I'm sick of my apartment AND my stuff. I'm actually waiting for IKEA to deliver my new couch at this very moment! Yay! That hot dog place sounds pretty great, I love a loaded hot dog. I don't mean for that to sound how it sounds, lol. Also, have you dyed your hair a dark brown? If so, it looks great! If not, you'd be a beautiful brunette :)

    Mabel Time

  12. Mabel:

    I haven't dyed it, I think it must be the lighting. BUT, since you said that it's gotten me thinking and this week I'm gonna try for a darker brown :)

  13. I love your vanity! So gorgeous! (And so is you)


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