Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Favorite Lipsticks

I thought I'd share with you all some of my favorite lipstick shades. I get asked quite often what lip colors I use, so here ya go.

Clinique's Red Hot is one of my favorites. It doesn't bleed, is matte, and stays on quite long. It's a nice deep red shade.

Sephora's lip stain  01 is amazzzing. It's one of the only stains I've found that will actually make it through an evening of smooching, eating, and drinking, and it stays super bright. This is my go to when I know I won't be able to re-apply my lipstick.

This is my new favorite color for summer. NARS Heat Wave is so festive and bright. I had tried Lady Danger from MAC and I enjoyed it, but it was a little too orange for all my needs, but Heat Wave is perfect. It's more of a coral but infused with enough orange to make me happy.

And of course the classic, what vintage loving gal doesn't love and use MAC's Russian Red? It's a fabulous matte lipstick.

I also use a lot of Maybelline lipsticks. One of my favorites is Burnt Coral #364. I have a Chanel lipstick and Yve Saint Laurent one, but they can bleed a lot even with MAC's prep and prime I use on my lips. So I don't err on the expensive side, I just like what I like.

I also use two lip liners.

MAC's Cherry lip liner for most of my lipsticks with a blue base.

MAC's Redd liner for my more coral and orange shades. I wear this one with NARS Heat Wave.

What are some of your favorite lipsticks?



  1. I did a post this weekend mentioning my love for my new splurge on YSL in Rose Paris, a bright pink coral which has been fun, pushing me out of my red lippy comfort zone. ;)

    My tried-and-true red for years has been MAC Ruby Woo, but as of last year I've also been loving NARS Heat Wave too! I like that I can either orange it up more with an orange liner (Make Up Forever aqua liner, though can't recall the name... it's the really orange one though, lol), or make it more orange-red with a red liner (MAC Cherry). I do the same with a red-orange Sephora lipstick too (also can't recall the name), which I quite like.

    I also like Besame's namesake red, but it's not matte enough to keep it from wandering around off my lips so I don't wear it often, just stare at the beautiful tube. ;)

    Now I really want to try that Sephora stain you mentioned, rarely do stains get rave reviews so I'm on board!

  2. Yes, you should! It's just an amazing stain, and it's not sticky at all like some stains can be. Oh, I need to get another tube of Ruby Woo the last one I purchased was all dried out and I couldn't apply it at all.

  3. these are all fantastic colors. i love me some red lips and it is always nice to try out new ones!
    thanks for sharing!

  4. oooh I need to try that sephora lip stain! I really love the texture of clinique lippies much more so than I do macs!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  5. Oooh, that lip stain sounds perfect. Does it stain the lip evenly? My problem with stains is that they usually don't absorb evenly, so some parts of my mouth look darker than others. Patchwork mouth is a no-no!

    I'm going through a please-no-red-lips phase. I'm drawn to the unexpected brightness of an orange or dark pink mouth. So I've been loving Kiss Me Coral by Revlon and Eternal by Cover Girl. A word of caution, though--the Cover Girl lipstick won't budge all day, but it can be difficult to remove at night!

  6. Jen: It stains very evenly. I understand a lot of stains are just kind of splotchy, but this is smooth and very pigmented which I like. Ohh I will have to look those colors up! I've actually found that using Jojoba oil at night will get any water proof make up off, if you have trouble getting that one lip stick off it might do the trick.

  7. Wonderful roundup of fiery, gorgeous reds. You seem to be drawn to blue and true reds, just like me - as evident by the fact that we're both wild about MAC's Russian red (I did about how that's my all-time favourite red lippy last year).

    Thank you very much for your wonderfully nice comment on my vintage outfit post today, sweet Emma, I sincerely appreciate it and hope you're having a fabulous Wednesday.

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  8. (Tiny typo...meant to say "did a post about" - typing while a cat scales my legs, sorry.)

  9. Ah man these all look great, I wish I was daring enough to attempt (and pull off!) a red lip


  10. I have a Mary Kay that I really like. I have a question: What is the purpose of a lip pencil or liner? I have one. I don't know what to do with it except draw an outline of my lips.


  11. I really need to try Sephora's lipstain. It appeals so much more than regular lipstick and seems to have better colours. Thanks for the recommend.

    <3 Cambria

  12. Janie Junebug:
    The purpose is to get the desired shape of the lip you want, for an example sometimes I create a more 40's lip shape by over lining the edges of my top lip. You can also correct your natural lip shape so that it's even. It also helps stop lipstick from bleeding. Most people line the lip first, but I actually line it last, partially because I stink at lining first, and also because I get more of the shape I want that way. Hope that helps!

  13. Actually, I loathe MAC's lipsticks... Too dry and I don't quite like the shades (I'm talking about Ruby Woo and Red Russian here).

    My absolute favourite is Bèsame. i bought their sample pack last year and they are quite matte, easy to apply and they alsts and last. I like bésame Red, Chwerry and Red Velvet best and find Red Velvet a great everyday colour. I have used my sample several times a week since October and I still have plenty left.

  14. Great post! I love red lipstick and I usually buy it from Sephora, it's my favourite.
    You're style is stunning!

  15. Oh they all look so beautiful, I want to try that lip stain so bad!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  16. I love MAC lipsticks. They come in so many great colors and stay put for a long time. I love the matte styles too.

  17. The Clinique looks exciting!


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