Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sweaters and Such

Sometimes life is great and sometimes things get hard. This past little bit has been hard on Tyler and I so this past weekend we went away to my grandparents old house in Kentucky. They live in Nashville now, but still have the home and it's a wonderful escape. I would recommend to any of you in times of stress and worry if you can get away even for a day it helps ever so much. Any way, on to my outfit.

 I've been really inspired by Instagram lately. There are so many amazing vintage ladies on there. It's also making me want to change my hair color so badly! But I shall prevail and eventually have my natural color back (probably followed by me dying it red I'm thinking...) If you want to follow me I'm emmyrenee.

50's blouse thrifted
70's skirt thrifted
50's sweater my mom's
belt thrifted
shoes not sure...
40's bakelite etsy
scarf from my trip to italy

I was doing a little experimenting with doing my eye brows darker, and I quite like it. Maybe not every day, but it's a fun change. Oh also, I'm wearing a great bullet bra that Janey from Atomic Redhead suggested. It was from Amazon and it's by Exquisite Form. It was only $12.80 which is a huge bargain. 

How is your week going?



  1. My sister recently gave me a little compact for eyebrow powder that was too dark for her and I loooooooooooooove it - but it's so easy to accidentally go overboard aha. You look fantastic here - love the glam autumn vibe of it ;)


  2. Very cute bumper bangs! And the beaded cardigan is beautiful!

  3. I agree on both counts - away time = great; Instagram = yeahhhh! :)

    Also thanks for the link. You must be a mind reader - I looked in my underwear drawer this morning and thought - I must get on to replacing these old stretched out things!

    Hope things go easier for you guys :)

    1. Oh good I'm so glad! These were so cheap I figured I needed to share :)

  4. Only $12.80? I'd say that's a steal! Love the bullet bra, so authentic :) And your hair colour now is fantastic...but it would be gorgeous red too, can't wait to see.

    <3 Cambria

  5. Week is going good, love the bangs, I've always wanted to try that but it always look funny.

    1. Glad to hear your week is going well. Thank you, I thought they looked funny on me as well but I just decided to get over it and wear them for once.

  6. There are so many things I love about this I hardly know where to begin! Your sweater is simply lovely and I love the light color paired with the rust of your skirt. I also love how daring you are with you hair! I need to start being more adventurous in that area.
    Also, glad to hear you could get away for a day :) I agree that taking a break once in a while can be a much needed solution when things get stressful!

  7. Cute as always :) I SO need a 50s sweater like this!

  8. Your hair is absolutely fantastic here! I love both the faux bang and it's dark hue, but must say, as a fellow bottle ginger, you've got my vote if you want to head on over to the redheaded side, too :)

    Here's to hoping that life gives many reasons to smile this week, dear gal,
    ♥ Jessica

  9. I ADORE your hair like this and I think it really suits you dark, especially with those eyebrows!

    Maria xxx

  10. That beaded cardigan is sublime.

    Thank you for posting your information on the bullet bra. I have been looking for a good one that is a little more affordable.

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  12. this skirt's colour is awesome! and i would love to steal your lovely littel cardi ...


  13. I feel I need to tell You that the bra is a great looking three- piece bra that I'm sure gives great support and a more perky triangular shape then the typical rounded cup that is modern today.

    ...But I'm afraid it is not an exactly authentic bullet bra.
    Those You can find at places like What Katy Did or Secrets in Lace...

    Bullet bras have a very very pointy conical shape and they have a circle stitch soft cup.
    But to me the three-piece bra is actually my preffered look. A bit retro, but not over the top pointy.
    Thank You for sharing the tip on the bra it looks very promising.

    Mayby I seem like a besserwisser... I'm sorry... Take no offense... I mean no harm.

    1. Yes, I'm aware that it is not the traditional bullet bra (I also own several vintage ones and one from WKD), however since it does give me the exact same shape as one I feel I can refer to it as such. Thanks so much for your input.

  14. Oh boo, that bra doesn't come small enough for me! It looks fabulous on you, though, as does the rest of your ensemble.

  15. Gorgeous! I think your eyebrows look perfect, both the shape and the colour!

  16. Love your hair, and your eye brows looks so perfect!

  17. Your eyebrows look gorgeous, the colour is perfect. I'm in love with Instagram too and I'm following you!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  18. Don't dye your hair red! Every single vintage blogger under the sun has red hair... Boring! The dark suits you so much!

  19. Looking fab! <3 <3

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  20. Looooove your style!! Wonderful blog! :)

  21. Love a good cardigan! So awesome to meet you this evening


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