Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vintage On The Cheap: Undergarments

Hello lovelies, 
I'm writing to you from my comfy couch, knee deep in Kleenex and loads of medicines. Working with children (many who are sick this time of the year) has done a number on me and I'm laid up for a bit. Since I'm not up to any outfit posting I thought I'd share some vintage inspired things that you can buy on a budget. These things are items I think ladies who are interested in vintage/vintage inspired looks will appreciate, and certainly will not break the bank. Now you can feel vintage and vixen-like on the cheap.

Stockings are something that can be quite expensive. I have a couple of fully fashioned ones (vintage and new) that were a little pricier, but if you want that look and don't want to spend the money Doll House Bettie has two classic stockings that are perfect. They have a nude with black seams and the black with seams as well. At $8 a pair they are certainly a steal. I have some and they are not fully fashioned but they are 100% nylon and feel and look expensive for how inexpensive they are. 

A Garter belt is something that is a must to hold up your pretty stockings and can also be quite pricey. I found a lovely Rago 6 strap on Amazon that really fits the bill. Only $35 and since it's Rago you know it's a good quality item.

A classic bra that gives you that bullet bra-esque shape can also get up there price wise. I mentioned this in my last post, but Amazon carries a great one by Exquisite Form for only about $12.80. I have one, and I still use my bullet bra pads to fill out the very tips of the bra, but it creates a wonderful vintage shape. In three colors it can go great with all your outfits.

High Waisted Undies are something that will complete your look. When wearing anything high waisted if you have low waisted undergarments on it can leave a crease and look a little odd. Amazon has some by Illusion's that are quite inexpensive.

Doll House Bettie also has some amazing quality undies (I loveee Doll House Bettie if you couldn't tell) as well. They aren't quite as cheap but some are not terribly expensive. You should browse around if you're in the market.

Are there any brands that have classic garments but aren't super expensive that you love too?



  1. Just to add my two cents for UK people, Primark do great seamed stockings that are amazing quality for only a fiver I think. Larger H&M stores also usually have a pretty good range of stockings and holdups.
    Also LoveHoney is great for garter belts and the like.
    Since I threw away all my tights, I've had to quickly learn the best places to find cheap stockings. Supermarkets can be surprisingly good actually!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Love this post! I wear vintage/vintage appropriate underpinings and stockings (I get mine for about the same price from a couple of UK sellers who ship to Canada) all the time, they just go so much further towards helping vintage garments fall (and hug) the way they were originally intended to.

    Sending you tons and tons of get well wishes, honey!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. It's so hot in Florida that I think I'll stick to cotton undies and no stockings.


  4. Hope you feel better soon.
    I recently organised a vintage styling event with a fellow blogger who also has an in real life vintage business. One of the first topics that was discussed was underwear, it was fascinating. Thank you for the hot tips you've provided about this undergarments at affordable prices.

  5. Ooo fantastic. I have a big collection of stockings (mostly What Katie Did) but since we moved out onto the farm they really haven't gotten any use. I know that a certain guy of mine wouldn't mind if I started wearing them again though so it might be time to make effort there!

  6. Aaaw hope you feel better soon, there's some lovely undercrackers, I feel so delightfully glam when I wear stockings! xx

  7. Feel better, soon! Stay cozy!
    I personally think gerter belts are more comfortable than full pantyhose...and nothing beats the seduction factor of backseamed hose!!! :)


  8. Thanks for the info, hope you are feeling better. I also shop at Sears a lot, they still sell quite a large range of vintage styled undergarments.

  9. I need to check this out...I've never bought vintage style undergarments before due to price...but these are definitely within reason!

    <3 Cambria

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  10. You are such a sweetie posting when you feel so ill. Hope you feel better soon. Hugs :)

  11. I practically live out of my Exquisite Forms! I have handful of other bullet bras, but these are my every-day bras. I'm glad to hear there is another gal out there endorsing them!


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