Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Overalls

Happy after Thanksgiving to everyone! I had a wonderful time spent with family eating loads of food, couch napping, and spending quality time together. It was really lovely. Tyler and I are wrapping up Christmas shopping, we're just about done! I've had so much fun planning gifts and wrapping them to stick under our lovely tree. Here's what I wore on turkey day:

These overalls are seriously my favorite. They are so comfy and were perfect for a large Thanksgiving feast. 
I colored my hair again for the first time in a while. Just the regular demi hair color that the guy at the salon had been using. It's so funny to see my natural hair color come through at my part and roots so quickly. It's soo much lighter, and I'm really excited for all the bleached blonde to eventually grow out and my natural color to see the light of day again.

overalls kim of nudeedudee
blouse thrifted
shoes jessica simpson
40's jacket borrowed from my sister

I'm planning more tutorials this weekend! I'm hoping to get two filmed, so we'll see how that goes.
How were your Thanksgivings (if you live in the states)?



  1. so cute! and I love your hair!

  2. i love the way the blue and yellow go together. it is a really beautiful color!

  3. The overalls are so adorable, I would love a pair! And your hair looks so cute xx

  4. a tutorial on the hairstyle in this post would be wonderful, thank you;) Pretty pretty hair!

  5. You look great! :)
    I wanted to ask – what did you do to get such a tight, pretty curls? Mine are always much looser, I would LOVE to watch a tutorial about it.

  6. What a wonderfully lovely autumn/Thanksgiving outfit. I adore the warm, soothing squash orange hue of the blouse, the wide legs of the overalls, and your endlessly pretty hair. Gorgeous indeed!!!

    Happiest weekend wishes, dear gal,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. Since we don't have Thanksgiving, I've been getting Christmassy since Halloween!
    I love your hair here - and those overalls are wonderful. I think I may want some Freddies ones for Christmas but I'm scared I won't be able to pull them off and I'll look like a 90's kids tv presenter...
    Like Jessica said, the orange/yellow goes so lovely with them.
    Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  8. You look so beautiful! Love your hair <3

  9. Your hair and makeup look exquisite in these photos, and that blouse is the perfect Fall color!

  10. that is just about my favorite shade of mustard. I realized yesterday I have 3 dresses in that hue and 2 sweaters. It's time for an intervention. Also, I am jealous of your chic overalls

  11. So glad you found me so I could find you! Perfect hair and outfit, you're so gorge ;)

    Ruby xx

  12. Love the pumpkin-pie-color of that blouse with the navy!

  13. Those overalls are amazing! They are the best thing I have ever seen. I think I might have to steal them from you.

  14. Love your Thanksgiving outfit! Ours was fun, lots of food and family. Those overalls are adorable! And great with the blouse.

    Sadly when I grew out my natural (medium brown) color awhile back I just was uninspired by all the grays. Though I've been tempted lately to switch from black to closer to my natural color (in dye form). lol

  15. Awesome outfit! You look stunning:)

  16. I love your hair!!! You have are one of my biggest hair inspirations!!!!
    Im so glad to be one of your followers. You have an amazing blog!!!

  17. You look so cute, the overalls look amazing on you! Loving your hair too X

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  18. this blouse is so lovely ... totally 40s.

  19. Well, I am Swedish and I live in Singapore, but I still celebrated Thanksgiving with my American friends.


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