Sunday, January 20, 2013


I seriously love weekends, but I guess who doesn't? This weekend has been full of lots of lovely things. Yesterday I went to my sisters home coming, as she was one of the court. I think that's all the right lingo (I was home schooled so I have no idea what everything is called). She was completely beautiful, and it was a joy to see her all dressed up and being honored. In more lovely weekend-ness Tyler and I went over to my family's house tonight to celebrate our one year anniversary! Tomorrow we will be married for one year. That's right. One year. It's amazing how time has flown by this year, and I've heard it goes by more quickly each year. I adore treasuring all our moments together, and cannot wait for another year of wonderful marriage. I'll try to post some wedding photos tomorrow in celebration.

 I wore this outfit to home coming, and I couldn't be more crazy about this amazing jumper from Kim of Nudeedudee. Also, super awesome story: I saw a lady at church (probably in her late 70's/early 80's) wearing this exact same blouse with a killer suit! I came up and told her I had the same blouse and thought she looked lovely. I would have asked for her photo but felt a bit shy.

 jumper nudeedudee
vintage blouse thrifted
shoes anthropologie (my wedding shoes actually)
stockings what katie did
beret gift

I hope you all have had a amazing weekend.



  1. Very lovely. That jumper looks swell on you! Congrats on a happy year of marriage :)


  2. Congrats!! Happy anniversary to you!!! Married life is beautiful. I love your jumper by the way! It looks lovely on you.

  3. Happy anniversary !! :) You look so lovely !

  4. Congratulations!!!!!!!! Happy anniversary....and here's to many, many more happy years together!!!!!!!! :)

  5. Happy Anniversary, your right it does fly by.

  6. Happy anniversary! Love this blouse, you look lovely!

    Maria xxx

  7. I love this outfit on you, and Happy One Year Anniversary, it's also a year since I've been reading your blog! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  8. Happy anniversary! That's wonderful, and you look great!
    Oh, and it's always nice to see a fellow stylish home-schooler. ;)

  9. Congratulations on your anniversary!
    You are really beautiful! And I love how the jumper looks on you!


  10. How fabulously neat that you encountered another person with the same blouse as you. I've never run into anyone else in person who was wearing a vintage garment that I also owned. What a sweet memory to associate with this lovely blouse every time you wear it now.

    Happiest anniversary wishes to you both! May your second year be filled with love, joy and countless moments of wedded bliss!

    ♥ Jessica

  11. this outfit is so fabulous. love it!
    happy anniversary to you both!

  12. Oh my, everything you wear just makes me swoon. I have been looking for a jumper like this one for a while now-maybe I should just make myself one! I've seen old ladies wearing some similar things of mine too...I always love that. Congrats on one year! It does go by so quickly. My husband and I are coming up on three years and I can hardly believe it :)

  13. that raspberry wine beret is the perfect cherry [raspberry?] on top! beautiful! i wish i could pull them off.

  14. This outfit is so fabulous, you look lovely from head to toe! So pleased I found your blog :)


  15. Love your outfits and your make-up, great blog :)


    The Marvelous World of Narcissa


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