Friday, March 29, 2013

Interview with Brynn

When Brynn of Being/Elliot asked if we wanted to swap interviews with one another I thought it'd be super fun. She is a lovely lady who has a great blog and I always love interviews. I also thought it would be interesting to interview a modern lady on vintage style. So, here is Brynn!

What is one of your favorite decades and why?

I love, love, LOVE the '60s. There is something about that decade that gets me. Maybe it was the bold stand-out patterns? The colors? Or, perhaps it was the mini-dresses and jewelry. Whatever it was, I am hooked and I always find myself buying '60s style looks. You can just call me Twiggy.
I also have an affinity for '70s Boho style. I love a good pair of light-washed bell bottoms and a wide brimmed hat.
Throw in some '20s style flapper fringe and I am good to go.

How has your style developed and what do you draw on as inspiration?

My style is in constant development. I don’t think it will ever stop changing. I went through many phases in my style development, both good and bad, but all the phases I went through helped me learn how to construct outfits and piece things together.
Through all this, I have found that style is all about quality verses quantity.
Today, I find my inspiration by looking to the past.
I love looking to female musicians from years ago like Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, June Carter, Cher, and Stevie Nicks for style ideas.
I feel like these women were bold, and worthy of recognition both musically and style-wise. 
What vintage styles do you see in modern or mainstream fashion?

Oh my goodness, I see it everywhere! I feel like fashion is always in constant flux and often looks to the past for inspiration. Right now, the '60s looks are coming back with the rising popularity of period shows like “Mad Men” (a personal favorite).
While I was at New York Fashion Week in February, I also saw an outpouring of '20s stylish evening wear. If I can predict anything from the S/S 2013 shows, it seems that the glitz and glamour of the flapper era is going to gain popularity. 

What are some vintage styles or aesthetics that you incorporate into your own wardrobe?

Elements of '60s fashion are worn almost on a daily basis for me. My closet is stockpiled of '50s style day-wear, '60s style coats and jackets, and '70s style high-weighted denim.
Vintage is the largest aspect of my closet, simply because it is better for the environment, and it is a way for you to have a unique and precious item no one else will have. So it’s a win-win. 

What old movie star would you most love to dress like?

Such a hard question! There are so many total foxes, it is so hard to choose! If I had to pick, it would probably have to be Lauren Bacall. She is a total vamp with her gorgeous defined brows and tilter beret.
She would absolutely dominate on the screen with her sultry voice and cool debonair which translated on the red carpet as well.
I love her versatility.

Do you have any begone trends of the past that you wish modern designers would embrace?

I would love for the fashion industry to embrace more of the '20s style headdresses and hair bands. I love the elegant look that the intricate pieces give off. They feel very royal and distinguished to me.

 photo credit: jackie osborne

I hope you enjoyed the interview with Brynn, and go check her blog out Being/Elliot for my interview! 



  1. I love doing interviews, its such a fab way of getting to know other bloggers :)

  2. What a fabulously fun idea! I adored reading both of your interviews and learning more about you, sweet Emma, as well as getting a wonderful introduction to Byrnn and her vintage style.

    Joyful Easter weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica


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