Monday, September 23, 2013

Grandparent's Day

This past Friday was my first musical performance working at my current school (and let me tell you I was a nervous mess). It was Grandparent's Day and the theme was The Grand Ol' Opry. (All of my kids did so well and I was completely proud of them) Because of the theme everybody dressed up in a very "country" kind of style. 
Even though I live in Nashville I don't own a pair of cowboy boots nor anything that screams "southern". Thankfully, the weekend before I thrifted a few items that could be styled in a more country type way, and my sweet friend Quincy let me borrow a pair of boots that went well with the dress. I felt very depression-era-cowgirl.

This lovely 30's dress was a steal for $1. It was in pretty rough condition and almost all the buttons had been cut off (I assume to put on some other garment). I soaked it several times, replaced the buttons, and mended a lot of holes. I think it came out looking pretty good (even though there are some stains I couldn't get out).
This is random but, I don't know if anyone else hosts their photos on photobucket, but I feel like it really messes with the quality of my photos and the colors. Any one else having issues with that?

30's dress estate sale
belt thrifted
shoes borrowed from Quincy



  1. You face looks like a 1920's painting! Love love love your style!

    Love from Portugal

    Mirabilis Makeup

  2. I am truly loving this style! Your hair, makeup, clothes -- it all looks amazing on you! Miiiissss yooou. <3

  3. Loving your style,as always. Someone else (I think it might have been Kaelah @ LCH) mentioned issues with Photobucket a while back- she just switched over to Flickr to remedy the problem.

  4. cowboy boots are the best and go so well with the frock x x

  5. I'm crazy in love with your new hair cut. I was sad at first because I always thought you had the most gorgeous hair but it's just as gorgeous as ever! The short cut really suits you. I've been thinking of getting a chop soon too, especially after looking at some pis of my short hair from earlier this year. It's so easy to care for. I feel like when I wear it in a ponytail for a month straight, it needs to be gone! :P Also loving that lip color on you!

  6. Nice you was able to save this dress!!!! I love your new hairstyle!!!!

  7. You look lovely here and SO slim!

    Maria xxx

  8. That dress is a dream!! I can't believe you got it for just a dollar. Congrats on your first performance, I'm sure it was a great success :) As far as photos, I moved to Wordpress so I can host everything in one place and not worry about other sites compressing my pictures, but I think your photos look great!

  9. Love your style and the dress is fab. Why don't you try Flicker that seems to be a popular place to host.

  10. Girrrl I am loving your new look <3

  11. Hi,
    I love your new hairstyle ! So beautiful. Do you think it's possible to do tutorial about how you curl hair ?
    Thank you.

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