Friday, January 3, 2014

It's a New Year

I know some people think New Year's resolutions are hokey and that nobody keeps them, but I really enjoy making goals for myself. It's not just the new year, usually seasonly I have a small set of goals I like to accomplish. I don't usually share them, I just keep them on my phone and check them off when I accomplish them. I feel like the new year is a great way to start things off with a fresh start, and it's fun to set attainable goals for yourself.

I think one reason people don't always follow through with their new year's resolutions is they make too many and too many aren't exactly attainable. If you set reasonable goals (and not too many) you have a much better chance of getting those completed. Last year a goal of mine was to fit back into all my vintage wardrobe. Not to weigh a certain amount or what have you. I just knew that if I wanted to fit back into all my lovely clothing I needed to adjust my lifestyle. Happily, I accomplished my goal.

So, here are a few goals I have set for myself this new year of 2014:

Keep the apartment organized:

This one is very important at the moment because Ty and I just finished purging things from our wardrobe and belongings. I want us to keep this good feeling. Everything has a place and it's neat and tidy. 

Create a regular blogging schedule and keep to it:

And all the good bloggers gasp. I have never had a regular blogging schedule nor have I ever planned posts ahead of time. I know. My life has finally gotten so busy that if I do not plan to post it just won't happen. I'm happy to say last night I sat down and wrote out a blogging schedule. Now I just need to keep it.

Work out regularly with the goal of being strong and healthy:

This is something I was very on top of until I got sick. I miss it a lot and am now very out of shape. I know it's going to be hard getting back into it, but I really want to focus on being strong and healthy this year (and hopefully keeping the sickness at bay)

Read a book a month:

I used to adore reading. I read all the time. Now that I'm a teacher I write lesson plans and read curriculum (not very thrilling). If I read even 5 books this year I will be completely pleased.

Do you have any goals as we start off this new year?



  1. These are all great goals! I'm trying to get more exercise this year, because it helps me sleep better, and feel better in general. I'm also trying to get back into reading.

    1. Good luck on your wonderful goals! I totally relate to the exercising thing. I feel so much better about everything in life when I'm exercising.

  2. These are actually all things I too am aiming to achieve! I have also never had a schedule and I feel so lax about my blogging... :S Hopefully we can both stick to these!

    1. How fabulous! Good luck to you as you work on your blogging schedule!

  3. I love your resolutions, I created a new blogging schedule for myself too, hopefully we can stick to them together :)

  4. Amen! I am all about the resolutions. I wrote mine out New Years' Day and four days in, I am doing ok, so far! :) I'm thinking of decorating the paper in some kind of a fancy, glitter-and-glue way and hanging them on the wall. Seeing them in print is a good way to congratulate yourself for the ones you're keeping and remind yourself of the ones you need to work on...says me, haha.

    1. Mine seem to be going well so far too...hopefully it will keep up that way. Ohh, I've done that in years past and it's so wonderful to see a reminder. I'll have to do that this year too :)

  5. Terrific list of goals and hopes for the coming year. I've been a die hard fan of keeping a regular blogging schedule for years now and cannot begin to recommend it highly enough. Yes, sometimes life will get in the way or throw curve balls at you make your schedule go off track for a while, but just knowing it's in place will make getting through rough patches considerably easier (I promise!).

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Last year I realized I'd hardly read any books in the last couple years so I kicked off the year with a good book (Team of Rivals) and I think I read 10 books or so over the course of the year, which I was pretty happy with. Setting goals can definitely make your life better!

  7. I have vowed to run a 5k this year and to expand my blog, hopefully quite achievable targets!

    Maria xxx


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