Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tutorial: Simple Foam Roller Set

Simple foam roller set from Emma Litton on Vimeo.

I hope this helps some of you who asked how I did my tighter curls. It's so incredibly simple and versatile. If you have any questions let me know. Also, if you have any requests for the next hair tutorial let me know so I can start planning the next one.

I hope you all are having a fantastic Holiday season!


P. S. This was the basic set for these hair styles:

Cocktail Party

Out and About

Thanksgiving Overalls

Work Times 


  1. Seriously, I am such a devoted fan now of your hair tutorials. I recently cut my hair pretty short and was able to work with my hot rollers and your other tutorial for a very smooth curl! I was wondering how you suggest I go about getting the curls Dita has in this photo:

    Do you think it is possible with hot rollers or is it more of an iron technique?

    1. Aww thank you so much! Well, since your hair is shorter the curls won't really look exactly like hers, since she has long hair. It looks like you could achieve the kind of curls with pin curls though. She probably did hot curlers or perhaps an iron, but I'm always an advocate of doing wet sets if you can.

  2. oh, great video! this makes me wish i had longer hair to do this better with. but, i might try with the short hair i have now!

    lindsey louise

  3. this is great! thanks so much. I would definately love for you to do some more!

  4. You are a miracle!
    I'm your new follower. I invite you to my blog, I'll wait
    tini-tani BLOG

  5. You are such a darling! I have a foam roller set, but it doesn't make my hair look as lovely as yours <3 (maybe that's because my hair's so thin.. but anyways :D)

  6. You are so beautiful! Great tutorial you are hardcore for sleeping in foam rollers, gives me a headache. Love the blouse you are wearing xxx

  7. Fabulous tutorial. Not good for my short hair, but fantastic for my daughter´s long one.

  8. You are really beautiful and perfect ;-) ! Your voice is so sweet... Great tutos. Love from Paris !

  9. You are really beautiful and perfect ;-) ! Your voice is so sweet... Great tutos. Love from Paris !

  10. Loveeeeee your hair tutorials! So informative, fun and professional! :) x

  11. Such a wonderful tutorial - your hair (in any style) is absolutely gorgeous. I love that rich brown hue and the length at the moment. So lovely and so becoming on you!

    ♥ Jessica

  12. Fantastic! Just what I needed and we have similar hair types too! Adding it to my queue of hair tutorials to try out since I just got my hair cut-whoot! Great job!! xox Bunny

  13. I adore your hair tutorials! You are so darling! xx

  14. So cute and so well narrated. With those rollers, are there any in particular you could recommend (available online if possible). As I would really love to track some down, but they're not easy to find in my town. And although I probably never will as I'm a coward, you and other bloggers with short, pin-curled hair make me wish to just cut it.

  15. You are soooo cute! This video is so lovely (and helpful)!

    Ruby xx

  16. Just did some tight curls myself today :) Love your tutorials, you're just too cute!

    <3 Cambria

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  17. Oh are so super cute!!!! Totally adorable :)
    Thanks for another awesome tutorial....such a cute style. I LOVE your tutorials.
    Hope you have a fabulous Chrissy and New Years xxoo

  18. You are so cute! Have a wonderful time bring in the new year! Zoë x

  19. Hello! We love your style and would like to give you the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

  20. Such a wonderful tutorial - your hair (in any style) is absolutely gorgeous.

  21. Hi!

    I hope it was okay that i borrowed your video to show how i do my hair? I linked to your blog off course and said that it was your video. Let me know if its not okay! Find the blogpost here:

    Love your blog!

  22. Hi Emma!
    Tell me please, what diameter of curlers you use for this hairstyle?


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