Friday, January 21, 2011


I was awoken this morning by my alarm going off on my phone, signifying I had just received a text. I mentally kicked myself for not turning it to silent and then thought "I'll just check it later", but then I started feeling antsy, perhaps someone really needed to get a hold of me so early in the morning. I rolled over and snatched my phone from the dresser. As I peered through my sleep filled eyes I saw these glorious words "The Jackson campus is closed". Yes! Good job iced roads. Glad I checked that text. I promptly fell back asleep knowing my day would be filled with enough sleep and goodness.

On the agenda for the day was a thrifting expedition with my friend/roommate Rachael. There's not really any great places to thrift here in Jackson, there's not a whole lot of great anything in Jackson actually, but we hit up the Goodwill to see what we could find. I found a couple of cute skirts, but none that fit quite right. I'm on the hunt for a high waisted pair of jeans at the moment, but didn't see any I loved. Rachael got an adorable pair of oxford flats, that I wish I could have squeezed my feet into, because I would have snatched them up.

In blog news, I've been trying to work on the layout of my blog with help from my boyfriend, Tyler, but it's going a little slow. We're both confused about the way some of the particulars work. So, you'll have to be patient with me as pages don't have anything on them or my header seems pixilated.  The blog will slowly get prettier.

Also, I'm super excited to be heading to Nashville tomorrow with Ty. My sister has a new dress from anthropologie that I plan on stealing for an outfit post.

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