Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside

Today started out cold and dreary... I didn't have too much hope for it. This was added to the fact that when I got to my class this morning I realized I had studied the wrong material for my quiz, never a good thing. I had lost all hope for my day--- when it got turned around. It started snowing AND it kept snowing! Such a good thing on so many levels. It means that school might get canceled, that the cold day was now acceptable because it was snowing, and that my first outfit posts would be in the snow.

I have never taken photos outside in the winter with no coat, but I was determined to be at least a semi-good sport about it. I think I held up pretty good, though I think my boyfriend might say I was a little whiny.

    sweater  j crew
    skirt  thrifted
    belt  thrifted
    tights  target
    shoes  nine west
    coat  vintage
    gloves  target
    faux pearls  thrifted
    locket  gift from the boyfriend

Because the weather was so amazing with the snow coming down in droves, I changed to one of my favorite outfits and the boyfriend and I took to the streets of Jackson to do a little more photographing.


 All photo credit goes to Tyler

When neither of us could bare the cold any more we rushed back to the car, only to find this super interesting bug had parked next to us. So, I took a picture next to it, I hope the owners didn't see me and think I was trying to steal their car.

It was such a lovely day full of photos and snow.

dress  anthropology gift from the boyfriend
stockings  stolen from my sister sarah
shoes  thrifted
scarf  target
coat  vintage
earrings  pangea (one of my favorite shops in nashville) 
purse  vintage gift from my mom


  1. I think this blog is good. I think I like this blog. I think I will keep it.

  2. You are so cute. I love that plaid skirt and the peep-toe shoes!

  3. Hahaha. Just realized Tyler commented on this.


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