Monday, February 21, 2011

10 Things I Love Monday // Glad the opera is about to be over

The opera I'm in, Dido and Aeneas, was postponed two weeks ago because of snow. Finally, tonight, we will be performing it! I'm excited about performing, but also about all the hard work being over. In honor of the opera, I have put one of my favorite singers on my list this week.

1. Cecilia Bartoli. She has the most incredible control of her voice.

 2. These shoes from topshop

3. Feather necklaces. Like this one from friendly gesture 

  4. Braids. I need to figure out how to do braids well with my curly locks. Pics from weheartit

5. This dress from topshop. I'm a sucker for stripes.
 6. This bridesmaid dress from BHLDN

7. I have been wanting these moccasins from darlingtonia for a long while. Soooo lovely.

8. Clutches! This lovely one is at red ruby rose


9. I adore finding new blogs. Especially ones couples write together. Louder Than Silence is a delightful blog, you should check it out.

 10. My mandolin. This is not it exactly, but it's the same style. I need to get it out and play it more. Also, I really want a band with a mandolin to play at our wedding.

I hope all you lovlies have a grand Monday!


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  1. I did my hair a lot like Zoe's the other day, but felt too much like Heidi when I was actually wearing it. Also, you should probably just go ahead and decide that that will be one of the bridesmaids dresses (in other words.. mine).


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