Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have finally uploaded all of my pictures I took in Italy. There are so many beautiful pictures, it was really difficult to choose the ones I would post. I finally narrowed them down, and I hope there aren't too many.

Italy was incredible. I completely fell in love with it. After seven days there, I felt like I could live there easily...if I had my darling with me. It was a wonderful trip, but I would be lying if I didn't say it was semi disappointing not having Tyler there to share every wonderful moment with me. The choir went to so many beautiful places. The main areas we stayed in were Rome, Florence, and Venice. I know there were wonderful places we missed along the tour, but the places we saw were amazing.

We (when ever I say we I always mean the choir) woke up at 6:45 pretty much every morning and were out until around eight or later most evenings. It made the most of every day, but it also made for an exhausted Emma every night, and I did not sleep very well. So after I got home I felt like I needed a spring break after spring break.

We sang in glorious places. Some of them included St. Mark's in Venice and St. Peter's in Vatican City, also the Pantheon in Rome. These were places that I will remember forever; it's such a great experience to sing in these historic, beautiful places.

The coliseum 

lovely little restaurant in Rome

I caught an artist painting in the streets of Rome and someone taking pictures of him.

During some free time I discovered this amazing bead shop...I think it was in Rome...or Florence.

The Fountain of Trevi

I'm about to throw my three coins in

In Vatican City about to head into St. Peter's

 St. Peter's BAHH!

The Sistine Chapel. Pictures actually aren't allowed but I snuck a few.

St. Mark's in Venice. Wow, most of the ceiling is covered in gold. One of our tour guides told us it took two and a half centuries to finish it.


Ok, I hope all of that didn't overwhelm you. I could have put up sooo many more. One of my favorite things about Italy is how wonderfully dressed everybody was. They all looked so lovely, I adored how put together and classy everyone looked. 

One of my least favorite things about Italy was the smell of Venice. The water was particularly low, and therefore particularly smelly. Also, in St. Marks we had to change (into our concert attire) in a heard me right, a crypt! It was one of the worst smells I have ever experienced in my life. Not to mention it was pretty creepy to be changing in a crypt.

Even with some of the odd smells and the creepy crypt, Italy was one of the most amazing places I've ever been in my life (so far). I hope I get the chance to go back in the next few years with my Ty.



  1. Yay! I'm so excited to see this post. :) The pictures are splendid!

  2. oh i just love italy too! i could easily live anywhere in europe...france, milan...lucca..ahh. i really want to go again and take the mister and take a bicycling would be so amazing and such a great experience!

    so so glad you had a great trip! hope you get to go back with your man...maybe on your honeymoon??? it would be so romantic!



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