Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sarah's Dress

This weekend has been so lovely. Tyler and I went up to Nashville on Friday and had a tasty dinner and gave Jesse his birthday presents (my little brother Jesse turned 13 on Thursday!) and then I gave the rest of my family their gifts from Italy. On Saturday we went and played a couple intense games of laser tag at Laser Quest in Nashville. I had never played laser tag before, and I actually enjoyed it. It was really fun to play with my family, we can all get super intense when it comes to playing games, especially with each other. For dinner we went and ate INDIAN FOOD. I have been craving some awesome Indian food since before I left for Italy, so it was about time to get that craving fixed. I was sad to leave...Jackson leaves much to be desired.

When I'm in Nashville my sister usually gives me a dress she's thrifted or a hair piece she's recently made. This time she had her newly made dress...that I kinda just took. I promise I'll give it back, Sarah.


 I completely love everything about the dress, and so she promised me she would make me something for the summer time, I'm so excited!

dress made by sarah
shoes target
necklace etsy
purse purchased in italy

I hope that all you lovelies are having a splendid weekend!


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  1. laser tag is so awesome although i haven't been in years! i would love to again!

    that dress looks so awesome on you! yes she either needs to just let you have that dress or make you one! the color is beautiful with your skin and hair!



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