Monday, April 25, 2011

peter pan collar

I'm feeling my senior-itis hitting hard. I have no motivation to do school. I need to be working on chemistry, but I'm posting instead. We had a tornado warning for one and half hours this afternoon, and we're supposed to have more severe weather tonight and tomorrow...gross.That always aids in my distraction, I worry and think about the weather, and then procrastinate even more. Oh well, I'll get my stuff done...eventually. Moving on to fun things! One of the items I purchased at American Apparel this weekend was an adorable cream shirt with a peter pan collar. I love it so much. I want more shirts with peter pan collars, I think I'm addicted. I also found frilly socks at AA as well!! Loving 'em.


shirt american apparel
pants hoot + louise vintage
socks american apparel
shoes nine west
belt thrifted

I might have to purchase this shirt in other colors as well, it's just great. A random question, do any of you have problems with grainy-ness when you make your pictures smaller on here? I'm all of a sudden having some slight grainy issues with my smaller photos. Weird. Okay, I'm going to try and be productive now.



  1. i feel that way about a lot of clothes..i want to have every color..or when i put something together that i love i want to wear it all the time like a uniform.

    sorry love we use film so our pictures are always grainy but i LOVE it!!


  2. super in love with your blouse!! and with your amazingly beautiful hair too. holy crap you look gorgeous!!!!!!

  3. Hello, yr blog is great! Follow each??

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