Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Scarf

I have a feeling this scarf is going to start appearing a lot in my every day wardrobe. I wore it yesterday, and it just felt like the perfect thing to wear again today.

Today is much nicer than yesterday, a tad chilly, but much better. The sun is out, and I can feel the approach of the weekend. That's right, it's only Tuesday, but I'm already looking forward to the weekend.

dress gap
shirt gap
scarf italy
belt thrifted
socks ross
shoes nine west
necklaces gift and tiffany's


  1. You need to teach my how to fix the scarf like that, okay? I've been trying, but with my fabrics.

  2. I've just discovered your blog, and I really like it. And this updo really suits you, it brings up (or out haha my english sucks) your eyes


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