Wednesday, April 6, 2011

too much of a good thing?

Ok, sooo, maybe I've gone crazy for these scarves. I just really really love them. They are so perfect for when you have to run to classes in the mornings and don't want to mess with your hair.

Tomorrow is my hearing, and needless to say, I feel like...tomorrow is my hearing. If anybody wants to be thinking of me/praying for me around 12:30 ish tomorrow that would be wonderful.

Today has been lovely, but suuuper windy. It's making me long for summer. For school to be done, and to lay in the grass in summer time dresses, and go swimming. Ohhh, summer time.


 I promise my next outfit post will not include a scarf on my head.

shirt she & him gifted from ty
cardigan american eagle
shorts free people (taken in by my sister sarah)
tights target
shoes thrifted
scarf italy 



  1. don't worry about repeat scarf wearing...if looks good by all means where the crap out of it!!

    good luck tomorrow, i am sure you will do amazing!!!


  2. SUCH cute shorts!! i so want a pair! and i definitely do not mind seeing scarves!

  3. Really great pictures! I love outfit posts!


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