Friday, September 30, 2011


Since we are only about two weeks out of us signing the lease for our apartment, I've been getting inspired by different home decor photos. Now, we'll be pretty poor in the beginning so we may not be able to do everything we ever wanted to right away, but it's good to get inspiration and ideas going.

I love the teal of the cabinet here so much. Also, the mis-matched chairs are such a great idea. (1)

I love love love this room! The green sofa reminds me of the orange one from the 60's my grandparents are giving us at some point (Tyler is not so sure about it fitting in our apartment, but one day we'll incorporate it in) (2)

I love the idea of storing things in lovely hat boxes, plus they're just so pretty. (3)

This crafting nook is just dreamy. All the wonderful colors make it. (4)

As much as I love color I also think whites and creams can be so soothing. (5)

That's just some of my inspiration so far. I'm always on the lookout for new things to inspire me. What are some of your home inspirations of late?



  1. Hello lovely lady!!! That sofa... That sofa is so dreamy. I'm not such a fan of the green, but the shape and texture = ♥.

    I find a LOT of inspiration on Pinterest. My wife and I live in her childhood bedroom right now, which is 86squarefeet (8x12) so we have a small space to decorate, but I find a lot of inspiration from my own imagination, color combos and just general ideas. Such as re-designing cans to hold stuff on my desk... Like an old coffee can, re-designed, to hold my pens and pencils...

    I also love the idea of stuff such as magnetic boards on the wall, and magnetic baskets and what not to decorate and store "clutter."

    And greenery. I love adding greenery to a space!!! It can be as large or as small as you like, such as a hanging plant if you don't have a lot of surface room or a little terrarium on a table, etc.

    So excited for y'all!

  2. Lovely lovely inspirations! Can't wait to see how they translate.

  3. What lovely inspirations!!!!! I am quite familiar with the hat box idea. I have not one drawer in my room which is insane at times, but I have a bunch of hat boxes that I keep my non hanging items in. It works so well. And that little breakfast nook is perfection!

  4. These pictures are great for inspiration. I especially love the last one (I really love white bedrooms). I now want a collection of hat boxes!


  5. I love the mismatched chairs, too! I only have 2 dining room chairs right now, but husband and I are on the lookout for a few more, and I love mismatched things. We also have loads of mismatched dishes and glassware. Dreamy.

    Lauren @ Sea Parrot

  6. Gah, I wish my house looked like this! INSANELY gorgeous! :)

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  7. So beautiful photos...There is some great ideas for my house!!!

  8. Love this inspiration post :) That crafting corner is so, SO pretty! Mkaes me want to re-arrange my whole workspace! x

  9. I loooovvveeee the crafting nook! It's gonna be an inspiration for my sewing room, thank you!

  10. What lovely inspirations! I especially love the first two pictures. I can't wait till I get my own place and get to decorate it! :D

  11. these are all such great inspiration pictures! i just love the light aqua book shelf! i have been wanting to do that to ours, maybe a red but just haven't found the time yet! once you get settled hope you can do a little home tour!

  12. I love the wallpaper in that crafting nook. I wish mine were that organized.



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