Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pants...Oh my!

I hardly ever wear pants. This is mostly due to the fact I never find any that suit me or fit quite right. I have quite the child bearing hips, but a small waist and apparently nobody makes pants for ladies with hips and little waists. Such is life. I really want a pair from Heyday, these in particular, but the price is a bit out of my reach at the moment. So for now I content myself with the gray pants my sister thrifted for me.

I rolled my pants up a little later in the day to reveal the sweet mint socks Tyler bought me at j crew. I wish I had thought to show them off for pictures.

pants thrifted
blouse anthropologie/gift
sweater gap
belt j crew/gift
oxfords steve madden
socks j crew



  1. gosh you're so beautiful.
    and i rarely wear pants either, but i'd love to start wearing more trousers. i think that will go on my fall shopping list.

  2. I too have this problem with pants! I have heard that Levi makes good jeans based on shape not size. I do like your trousers. You look great :)


  3. I love this! You look stunning. I'm sort of the opposite, I wear trousers WAY too often. I think mostly it stems from really disliking stockings!

  4. Hello love :)
    I just discovered your blog today, and i must say you're one of the most stylish ladies on the internet! Your hair and makeup is just effortlessly immaculate:)
    I have the same problem with pants too. I have a similar build- little waist but then big child-bearing hips, and pants that fit my legs have a big gape at the back. I really like how you've styled these though. The brown with the navy is darling :)
    Thanks for posting!

  5. You know, all my life I was dreamed to have nice curves: small waist and womenish hips, but then I realised that curved women has a lot of problems with choosing clothes. If they can fit good in waits it's almost impossible to their hips and backwards :) But I'm still dreaming about that :D

  6. I barely wear pants myself. On my blog that seems to be different though. anywhoo, I love the pockets on that tee! so cute! x

  7. I understand your problem, because I have the same - small waist. But I need pants more than you, because it's difficult to survive Polish winter without any trousers.

  8. Pants are stupid! Down with pants. I lurve your top, contrasting stripes like that are where its at. <3

    ugly plants

  9. pants are so much harder to find, i am not a fan of lower waisted pants so finding cute high waisted is tough. i thought the trend was going towards a higher waist but haven't really found any. i love the outfit and the top is awesome! the mint socks sounds like such a cute addition!

  10. I have a similar problem - no one seems to make trousers for people with waists anymore!

    You look beautiful though. I love the thin belted detail.

  11. I LOVE your mix of old and new pieces. This look is classic and timeless, and your styling makes it original, too.

    I've got to ask, though: How do you make your red manicure last? I gave up on red nails years ago; on me they chip in less than a day! :( Do you have any secrets to share?

    <3 jen @ stuffjendid

  12. Oh you look like these glamourous beautys of old Hollywood!
    Very nice blouse ;)

  13. You're so beautiful, your hair and makeup is divine.


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