Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inspiration for Spring

When seasons change (here in Tennessee it feels more like summer than spring already) I always start looking at images of years gone by and start wishing that our stores today we're filled with such things or that people still made such beauties. I really want to get better at sewing this summer so I can make some lovely things.

I love all the nautical looks, simply adorable!

I love the pinafores and that play suit is just grand.

What are some of your favorite spring/summer looks?



  1. I'm loving all the floral prints, especially for printed pants of all shapes and sizes!

  2. That dress in the second look is so adorable with the stars, perfection!
    I'm loving being able to wear my long skirts! I have a bunch but winter is far too cold and snowy and windy to wear such flow-y things. I'm just looking forward to not having classes where I wreak havoc with art materials so that I'm not afraid to wear my favourite cream coloured skirt!

    Great post :) I too wish they made prettier things like these for stores these days.

  3. We post almoste the same pictures today, they are lovely :)

  4. I love these photos and the looks in them. I was born in the wrong era, I think!

  5. I love all these pohotos, but the second dress is to die for :)

  6. These photos are marvelous! I hadn't seen any of them before and they are lovely.

  7. I'm loving all these looks! :) I think one thing I wish is that "novelty" looks (like the nautical dresses) were more acceptable summer wear nowadays. I think this year one of my favorite looks is strapless, cotton sundresses! I really adored the look last summer, and thrifted another strapless dress (80s does 50s style) in November, so I'm excited for warm weather and being able to wear it! :)

  8. I am really digging shorts (especially high-waisted) all of the sudden, which is odd because I haven't really been a shorts person since as a kid.

    I am also intrigued by the bolero+ long dress look. I've seen that now twice just this week!

  9. lovely inspiration! for this summer i need shorts in every colour :D

  10. I love all of these, but the nautical pants have to be my fave.


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