Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Loves

Here's some things I've been loving/pining after this summer.

This bathing suit from What Katie Did. I've been lusting after it and I think in a bit I'll have enough saved up for it to be mine.

It's probably no secret to those of you who follow me on here that I'm in love with Quincy's line, especially her play suits. If I had loads of money I'd ask her to make me one in every color of gingham. 

Lakes. This is a photo I took this past weekend when Ty and I went to Percy Priest Lake. It's been in the 100's here in Nashville and since we've discovered there's a small swimming beach along this lake I'm pretty sure we'll be there every weekend.

Sandals. Every summer I tell myself I will get a new pair of sandals and never do. I love these because they have a great vintage vibe. You can get them here.

And lastly, Jenni's ice cream. The Salty Caramel has become my favorite flavor and several times a week I beg Ty to take me to get some. So. Good.

What are some things you are loving/lusting over this summer?



  1. awwwwww, thank you! :)
    lovely things! xo

  2. That bathing suit is so adorable. And also, salty caramel ice cream? Yum!

  3. Some of my summer essencials too, nice choices!

  4. The beach- but we don't live near one at all! Air conditioning and hanging out in the mountains by waterfalls or rivers...

  5. oh that swimsuit looks truly amazing! i want the exactly the same. but can't find any in acceptable price, this one is to expensive for me. :/

    btw, just found your blog, great job, you are great inspiration. following you from now on. <3

  6. So many wonderfully lovely things, a few of which (Quincy's amazing playsuits, for example) are on my wish list, too. It's really interesting that you asked what else is on there, because earlier today I just wrote a post (which will go live tomorrow morning) all about a handful of things that are my (ultra fantasy - there's almost no b-day budget this year in the wake of our cross country move) birthday wish list this year.

    Fingers crossed that you'll be able to eventually get all of these beautiful, summery items, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. So I have the WKD swimsuit in blue - totally worth spending the money on! It's incredibly flattering! Fantastic this list of Summer Loves for sure!

  8. I am also adoring crop tops but I don't know if I can pull it off (winter here, so I don't need to stress too much about it). Also, I am 38 and I am not sure if that is too old. The quandry!

    I have never tasted salty caramel but it is on my list of stuff to try.


    1. Ohh, I think you could totally do a crop top! You and your tiny rockin' body. :)

  9. Oh wow those bathers are fantastic!

  10. That is the most Gorgeous bathing suit ever! I've always loved retro styled bathing suit bottoms - extra coverage and still sexy. I am loving my new Vivienne Westwood designed Melissa sandals I got this summer - so cheerful and sassy, and comfy too!

  11. Oh, have to come visit Lake Superior in MN is seriously my fav place on earth. You will be breathless!

    Love salted caramel ice cream myself, even though I'm not a big ice cream person. I'm lucky enough to have America's #1 ice cream shop just down the street...they make killer salted caramel!

    <3 Cambria

  12. Absolutely love the red bathing suite! So cute and retro!


  13. These are definitely making me miss summer, although luckily today was the most beautiful sunshine-filled winter day, so I went for a drive to the seaside, so it felt a bit like summer. I absolutely adore those bathers and show now be browsing that bathing line. I also love Q's Daydream line, so much gingham!! and ice cream = YUMMY!

  14. OMG!! this post is so chic!!! love it so much!!!
    Just found your blog and I think is super!
    I've started following you on GFC and Bloglovin!
    like to follow back? we could stay in contact if you like!! I hope so!!
    kisses dear!!!


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