Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's Too Darn Hot (at least it was)

A week or so ago it was terribly terribly warm here in Tennessee. It had gotten to that point in the summer where you just throw your hair up or back and make sure everything you're wearing is cotton. This is an outfit from one of those days.
However, today is completely amazing. It is cool and a little overcast, just amazing weather, especially for the end of July. Sadly, I think the small change in weather has sent my sinuses and allergies for a loop, so I'm on the couch watching Antiques Road Show with all the windows open.
(not a bad way to spend a Sunday I must say)

 This shirt was one of two awesome late 50's/early 60's Hawaiian shirts I got while I was in Asheville with my family. Seriously perfect for when hot weather hits.

 late 50's/early 60's shirt rag and bone in asheville nc
pants hip zipper
belt thrifted
shoes nine west
hair flower made by me

What have been some of your fun finds as of late?



  1. Love your outfit! So easy and carefree!
    Antique roadshow is da bomb :)


  2. Oh what a perfect shirt for a hot summers look gorgeous.
    Happiness is lying on the couch watching Antiques Road V

  3. We have had the same weather in missouri! It was so hot I didnt leave home all week and then this gorgeous weather happened on thursday and its been great ever since! I hope it stays this way for a while, Im enjoying the freedom in dress choices!

  4. Gorgeous! Love that top! Makes me wish it was just a bit more tropical feeling outside, but I feel for you...scorching weather is not fun, either! :)

  5. Gorgeous!

    I visited a vintage fair on the weekend and found two beautiful dresses, a cardigan, some pretty silk scarves and a super cute brooch.

  6. I love this Hawaiian look on you.

  7. Oh you look fabulous even with the humid yucky weather. I have to ask, what powder do you use? I am looking for a better foundation and coverup-what I have is okay but I am looking for a more polished finish and I love how your skin always looks hehe thanks mama! xox

    1. Thank you so much, pretty lady. I use MAC's foundation and powder. The foundation is their Match Master in the lightest shade and then the powder is their Select Sheer Powder. I have incredibly sensitive skin and MAC seems to be the only thing that won't make me break out like crazy. They also have wonderful coverage, so all around I really love their stuff.

  8. My recent fun finds were the rediscovery of 3 early 50s lace gowns (brown, pink, champagne) in the cedar 'costume' closet at my parents' house. My mother recalled that she bought a bag of them at a church rummage sale in the 80s for ONE DOLLAR and divvied the rest up amongst her friends.

    As it was so cool over the weekend, I wore the brown lace dress w/ tulle inset panel & portrait collar out to the club/bar with one of my best friends. An older Italian gentleman told me he remembered his mother wearing similar styles and was happy to see someone dressed "elegantly". Best compliment I've received in a long time!

  9. I'm so sick of the heat!!!! I wrote about blog post about it lol. I've been dying to go to Asheville for the past few years. It seems so cool and I know they have lots of vintage. Your makeup always looks so beautiful!

    Life of Mabel

  10. Perfect cozy outfit for days like this one in my's so hot :D

  11. Charming, wonderfully fun summertime outfit! There's an old joke here in Canada that we have three seasons: winter, summer and hockey, and that is certainly ringing true for us here this year. Spring last for all about the duration of a single blink, and summer has, for the most part, been here since May, with things really launching into overdrive at the start of this month. I love the heat, but it does a real number on my health, so for that reason, I will be happy to see autumn return (though I will miss the days of perfect photo taking weather that summer provides!).

    ♥ Jessica

  12. Well you may have been about to melt, but it certainly doesn't show! You look lovely, the hair flower is truly the perfect cherry on top.

    xo Sara

  13. I just accidentally discovered your blog and I love your style. I just have to say that you are amazingly cute!

  14. Hehe this outfit is SO Tiki Bar appropriate! It sounds like your summers in Tennessee are a lot like ours in Australia :P

  15. Oh you look lovely here, I would never be able to pull off a Hawaiian shirt!

    Maria xxx

  16. aw no, all your pictures disappeared :( but i'm sure the cotton dress was lovely ;) enjoy the cooler weather!!

    xo marlen
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