Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Bangs

Last night I was bored, and I had been contemplating doing something to my hair, so I decided to cut my bangs. 


  I may end up cutting them a bit thicker, but I think they turned out pretty well. Also, I used hot rollers for the first time, and I completely love them! They are super easy, and for me, they worked so much better than a curling iron.

shirt ty's
pants gap
shoes jessica simpson
belt thrifted 



  1. you look drop dead gorgeous with those bangs! i have never used hot rollers, i should try as i love using rollers! do you put them in your hair after they are dry?


  2. Thank you, ma'am! Yes, I put them in my hair dry, and then you just wait until they are cold and take them out. It' sooo super easy.

  3. Your makeup is flawless. I love your new hair. The bangs frame your face just perfectly. I am glad you did not change your hair color. I love the red on you.


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